The Relation Of Face, Mind And Love ;; Hero

The Relation Of Face, Mind And Love

Handsome, successful, and talented, life is good for Kang Tae-poong, a world renowned architect who seem to live the dream of all men. But one day an automobile accident leaves him with a visual impairment that makes unattractive women seem attractive to him. Right then, Wang Soh-jung, a homely looking pet magazine reporter comes into his life. Kang thinks she is a flawless beauty until his ailment is cured and he is no longer able to recognize the woman he has fallen in love with.

I’m actually a big fan of Kang Ji Hwan so I wanted to check this movie out. He was really good in Capital Scandal! I watched Lee Ji Ah before in Beethoven Virus. The movie was obviously predictable, but did it have a unique spin on story? Not particularly.

I don’t really know if it was because of the quality of the movie that I had, but I couldn’t see Soo Jung’s imperfections. Aside from her non-perfect teeth I couldn’t really see anything on her face. Which is why I couldn’t really understand why everyone was so turned off by her in the movie. What I could understand was a factor for people being turned off are her weird impersonation of animals ::blinkblink::.

I don’t feel like Ji Hwan played the conceited, pretty boy role that well in this movie. Which is kind of weird since he played that in Capital Scandal. Perhaps it is because Capital Scandal has action in it too so he’s not completely limited to that role. I think when he found out that Soo Jung’s actually not as attractive as he thought she was while he was suffering from a visual impairment, it was a little over the top. The fact that she was right in front of him and they were on the phone with each other? Not believable. The fact that the doctor told him he has a visual impairment and even used the exact example of seeing an ugly girl as beautiful, but he doesn’t seem to hear that?? The ending in general was just so-so. I thought it was so stupid when Soo Jung had to experience the impairment and the way she reacted. A forgettable movie that didn’t bring a unique spin on a story that’s been told countless times.


Hero is the story of Korea's top reporters and ordinary citizens fighting against the society elite's abuse of power. Working as a reporter for a racy tabloid called the Monday Seoul, Jin Do Hyuk uses any means necessary to get a scoop. One day, he goes to interview Jo Yong Deok, the boss of the Axe gang, who suggests that they start their own newspaper. Do Hyuk lies about the credentials of his former co-workers when he introduces them to Jo Yong Deok as potential hires for the newspaper venture. With his former co-workers on board, he is able to launch the Yongdeok Daily together with Yong Deok. But the newly hired reporters soon find themselves sucked into a huge conspiracy that could utterly ruin their lives.
I was excited to watch something with Lee Junki again since the last time I watched one of his dramas was Time Between Dog & Wolf. This drama didn’t receive much attention though even with Junki in it. I guess I can understand why since it’s definitely not one that would deserve an award or anything. Initially I thought this drama was going to be a more light-hearted comedy. That was what I was looking for anyway. Instead it turned out to be sort of a crime/drama genre. Do Hyuk later learns of a big secret that changes his life and he decided he had to right the wrong.

Jo Yong Deok probably had the easiest part in the drama. He didn’t have to do anything. Aside from one of his first appearances in the drama where he flips out on Choi Il Doo, he literally has no emotions at all. All he does is stand there with an indifferent face and occasionally smiles. He doesn’t give off an air of authority, which I think was what he was going for when he has on his face void of any emotion.

Kang Hae Seong’s character is a bit confusing too. I don’t quite understand his huge hatred of Do Hyuk. I’m guessing he’s just jealous and doesn’t want any one to get in his way, but it’s not like Do Hyuk would’ve really gotten in his way to success in life. I also don’t get why he didn’t team up up Do Hyuk later on either. He just has to be stubborn and go his own way even though there’s a solution that doesn’t involve hurting himself so much.