Glymm October 2012

I saw that there’s news of the product card being back, but I didn’t get one in my bag. I’m not sure if it’s true or not haha. Apparently there’s going to be a new box coming out from Glymm – GlymmMAMA.

Lash Card // Lash Card

[[ Lash Card to the rescue! These patented Lash Cards are individually wrapped, easy-to-use, and disposable — which is important for good makeup hygiene. Use it at home or slip it into your clutch for when you’re on-the-go to create those irresistible lashes. ]]
Full Size: 10 Pack/$6.99 || Received: 2 Cards // $1.40

Femme Couture // Lightening Lash Mascara

[[ Irresistable lashes? Check.
This mascara builds lashes without clumping and lasts from day to night.The lengthning formula and extreme lash amplifier grabs each lash to life by separating and extending them.
Full Size: 11.3g/$8.99 || Received: 11.3g/$8.99

Cyberderm // H2O Hydration & Every Morning Sun Whip

[[ H20 Hydration provides calming relief from the day’s stress and great anti-aging benefits. This olive based moisturizer mimics the skin’s own barrier, allowing its active ingredients to penetrate deeply.

With summer over, you may have packed away your sunscreen with your beach bag but that is not where it belongs! It belongs on your bathroom counter where you can apply it every morning. While the UVB Burning Rays may be less intense in the fall through to the spring, the UVA Aging Rays are consistent all year round- rain or shine. About 90 percent of the visible changes commonly attributed to aging are caused by the sun- and protecting against daily exposure is just as important as protecting yourself on the beach. Worse- sun damage is believed to cause 90% of non-melanoma skin cancer and 65% of melanomas and most are potentially preventable.

This Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 25 gives you excellent UVB and UVA protection with its 15% zinc oxide and 7.5% encapsulated octinoxate. It’s also aesthetically elegant with its cashmere matte finish and goes beautifully under your make-up. ]]
Full Size: (H2O Hydration) 50mL/$60.00 || Received: ??
Full Size: (Every Morning Sun Whip) 50mL/$38.00 || Received: ??

Miss Jessie’s // Baby Buttercreme

[[ This splendid moisture blend is essential for softening and growing out natural hair.
Apply a nickel sized dollop to instantly soften dry, crunchy curls. Excellent for taming hairline edges, moisturizing pony puffs, two strand twists, coils, braids, naturals.
Full Size: 16oz/$58.00 || Received: 2oz/$7.25

Johnson & Johnson // Johnson’s Baby Oil

[[ While waiting for the special edition box, this Johnsons & Johnsons baby oil is perfect for taking off your makeup – it even removes that mascara that you’re about to try before you buy. It’s also ideal for shaving, resulting in silky smooth legs. Get mega moisture from this multi-purpose tried and true remedy. ]]
Full Size: ?? || Received: 88mL