Glossybox September 2012

So this was the second last box that Glossybox offered at $15. Last week all the subscribers received an email saying they’re increasing the price to $21!! That’s a crazy increase from $15! Current subscribers get the October box at $15 and after that it will also increase to $21 for them.

It’s very irritating because of the fact that GB’s items seems to be going down in value as time goes by. The amount of drugstore brands will be a big part of this company’s boxes too from what I can see. Paying $21 a month for drugstore brands seems pretty crazy.

Glymm had an increase from $10 to $12 but current subscribers got to stay at $10. Luxebox went from $12 to $26 every 3 months. After my last $15 box I’m going to be cancelling my Glossybox, sadly =

Wella // Mirror Polish Shine Spray

[[ Illuminate your style with an exquisite spray. ]]
Full Size: 40mL/$12.99 || Received: 40mL/$12.99 *FULL SIZED*

B. Kamins // Lip Balm SPF 20

[[ A soothing anti-aging lip balm with Bio-Maple Conpound and UVA/UVB sunscreens that repairs and protects. ]]
Full Size: 15g/$21 || Received: 3.6g/$5.04

B. Kamins // Maple Body Lotion

[[ A luxurious anti-aging lotion infused with honey, Vitamins A&E and Bio-Maple Compound for ultimate hydration. ]]
Full Size: 180mL/$41 || 12mL/$2.73

NYX Cosmetics // The Crimson Amulet Collection

[[ The Crimson Amulet Collection enriches your beauty by adding glamour to your red carpet splendor. ]]
Full Size: Full Compact/$25 || Received: Full Compact/$25 *FULL SIZED*

[[ Dove ClearTone is specifically created to help reduce underarm discolouration caused by dry skin from shaving. ]]
Full Size: 45g/$3.99-$4.99 || Received: 17g/$1.89

Approximate Value: $47.65

Will edit entry with my review as I try the items.

2 thoughts on “Glossybox September 2012”

  1. Aw dang and that was a box I really liked too darn…o wells. Oooo the crimson thing sounds cool from Nyx and oolalala clear tone by Dove lol XD tell me how that works too lol :D

    1. I know! Although I have to say I’ve been rather disappointed by their selection after getting such an awesome first box ::tear:: . If they had only one box that was bad since then I wouldn’t care so much, but I feel like the quality has dropped and they don’t really have a good excuse when they cost more than any of the other beauty boxes offered in Canada!

      And then to increase it to $21?! On Facebook they said that it’s because of “North American-wide pricing” …US has their own box and Canadian dollar has been consistently higher if not equal to the US dollar lately too. What excuse is that??

      I’m a bit apprehensive about trying out the Dove one because it’s only an antiperspirant.. I like using deodorant/antiperspirant LOL ::sweat2:: ..

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