So Behind

Yeah I’m so behind on blog entries. I actually take pictures of everything I want to blog about, but when it actually comes down to typing everything out and editing the pictures I get lazy. Besides that fact, running four FY tumblrs and my own personal tumblr takes a lot of my time too. The only thing that probably isn’t using up time is Twitter since I just rant or blab nonsense on it whenever I want ::^^::.

FYEmiSuzuki // FYLenaFujii // FYMaiko // FYRemiSakamoto

I don’t reblog on the FY tumblrs so I save the images whenever I click through the models’ blogs. When I flip through the Japanese fashion magazines I have to crop the pictures and edit the lighting on it myself too ::swirl::. It’s time consuming, but at the same time, I want others to be able to enjoy the picture and also appreciate models they might not have known about before.

I’m actually really tempted to make yet another one, but a more general one instead of based on just person. I won’t though because the four of those already use up all my time. I don’t think I’ll find the time to make another one especially how I’m in college. Going to fail my classes over pictures for tumblr haha.

I just wanted to mention that I really appreciate every single person that has followed either my tumblr or the FY tumblrs I run. And most of all, all the people that return to this blog and subscribe. I know I’ve been really bad at updating recently and I feel like I’m letting everyone down LOL. No worries! I’m trying to update at least once week ::nervous::. I know that I don’t have many followers for my personal blogs, but even so, I’m always grateful when I do see that people still return and check up on the blog ::heart2::.

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