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Last month I knocked over a cup of coffee which splattered all over. I didn’t think anything got onto my laptop so I was busy cleaning up the rest of the mess. A weird static sound soon started emanating from my laptop’s speaker which threw me into a panic. I quickly placed my laptop upside down to get any liquid that was possibly inside, out. Only a drop or two came out and I knew I was too late.

I forced shut down the laptop and tried turning it back on later but the screen remained black. I thought for sure I had short-circuited the motherboard or something. Luckily my mom had a laptop I could play with while I searched around for a place that could fix it for a relatively low cost. The thing I was most afraid of were all the pictures I had on the laptop.

I try to backup all the videos I have on my laptop, but for some reason I never got around to backing up my pictures. You would think I would learn from the last time my laptop broke down. This time though it was worse since I had years worth of photos on it. Vacations, holidays, birthdays… all the photos I took for the blog.

Luckily though after a week I decided to try turning it on again… and it worked LOL. I read online when liquid first got into it that it might take up to a week for everything to fully dry and work again.

Does that happen to everyone else though? No matter how much you try to back up your stuff sometimes you just can’t keep on top of it. Then it’s too late? I hate it because my laptop pretty much has my life on it LOL! Everything’s customized to my liking, all the programs I regularly use or need is on it, all my music and pictures are on it. As much as I like getting new stuff, I sort of dislike starting everything new on computers/laptops.

However, this taught me a really good lesson. Backup everything regularly. So these days I’ve been trying to upload my billions of folders of pictures onto my Flickr privately. It is very time consuming. Only up to June 2009 right now LOL.

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