Bad to the Bones

I’m on the quest to finding the perfect leather jacket. Trying to find my inner badass…. LOL jk! Isn’t it funny how a couple years ago none of us would think of wearing a leather jacket regularly? Now it’s so mainstream. I wonder if the people who wore it to look bad back then, are now shaking their heads. Just like tattoos, which used to have a bad connotation, is now so common. What do people who want to look badass wear now? haha!

I asked my friends if I should go for a more loose/baggy one or a more tailored look. They said tailored, which I’m also more partial too, but I thought I’d also put ones that are a little more loose too. I’m not sure what would fit me and I want to pick something that will also go with many of my looks. No point in buying something that would only work with one outfit, right? Since I want to ask for my friends opinion I thought I’d post up the ones I’m looking at as a blog entry :P

Click the images for the link to look at more of the images they put up.

2 thoughts on “Bad to the Bones”

  1. So I really like the end pics, but I dig the pics 3-6 LOL. =__= Too many options, but if you want a hood for your jacket I’d think was it pic 6 that was cute with a hood. :D so you can keep your head warm as well bwahahaha. Of course if you don’t dig hood then don’t go with that one and I would suggest 4 and 5. I liked 3 cuz of those nice bling buttons at first, but I looked at the design after and I was a little meh XD. Of course I do think the end end picture well that was pretty bad ass modelling lol. :3 But future discussions later bwahahaha

    1. Yeah I thought the hooded one was alright, but then I thought about it. What if I want to wear a hoodie underneath my jacket right? Then it’d be in the way so I wasn’t sure about the hooded one after that @_@
      I really like 5. It looks unique and it’s really tailored. But I don’t know if that’ll be a bad or good thing LOL. If I buy a size bigger in case I want to put a hoodie under do you think it’ll look bad? Would it only look good with something light underneath?

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