Ohitorisama ;; Shokojo Seira

33-year-old Akiyama Satomi is a history teacher at the prestigious all-girls high school she once attended. She has earned the nickname "ohitorisama" (meaning "one person") for her perfectionism and capability to handle any work by herself. At the same time, the name also refers to her lack of romance. One day, a young man named Shinichi arrives at the school as a temporary instructor. He's ten years younger than Satomi, has only worked part-time jobs, and has neither money nor status. Although the other female teachers and students find him cute, he is completely not Satomi's type... or is he? Will love blossom between this unlikely pair?
In each episode of Ohitorisama, Satomi starts it off by telling the viewers why she loves her single life. However, when Shinichi came into her life, her way of life dramatically changed. All the things she believed in seemed to not ring true anymore.

I’ve only seen Koike Teppei in Lovely Complex and I enjoyed it. I didn’t really know what to expect out of him in this one. Perhaps it’s his height and the age difference, but I didn’t really see any sparks between him and Mizuki Alisa. I think even if there’s an obvious age difference between the actors, they could make it work and I would put their age difference in the back of my mind. When I watched Ai no Uta back then it was like watching a young woman with a grandpa. Even so, I felt something towards the two of them and I had hoped they’d end up together. In this one, I just saw Shinichi as sort of a younger brother that Satomi constantly has to look after.

With that said, I still enjoyed the drama. It’s a nice, light one to watch when you just want to enjoy a comedic drama without thinking to much into it. If you’re looking for some epic love story, there won’t be one haha.


Seira was raised in India, but she is sent back to Japan to continue her education at an affluent boarding high school. Although she has lived in luxury, the well-bred Seira is kind and generous, earning her many friends at the school. One person who dislikes Seira is the school's director, though she treats Seira well due to the father's fortune. Then, during Seira's 16th birthday party, the director informs her that her father has died, leaving her penniless. As a result, she is forced to work as a servant in order to pay off her school bills.
A modern twist to Cinderella, without the evil stepmother. Maybe an evil school director instead? Seira’s mother passed away when she was young, but her mother left her with one thing. It was to remember that every girl in their own right, is a princess. No matter if she’s rich or poor. She lived with her father in India until he decided to put her into a boarding school in Japan which her mother attended.

The director hates Seira because of Seira’s mother. However, she pushes that feeling aside knowing that Seira’s father would be giving the school a huge donation. When her father passed away in an accident, the director no longer felt obligated to suck up to her. Since Seira’s a minor, the director decided to let her stay at the school by working as a servant.

The drama was alright. Nothing super special that would make me remember it down the road. There was a point in the drama where they showed her doing what she believed was right. The others told her sometimes what she believes is right can actually hurt others. I felt though, as if they were forcing the audience to believe that Seira’s not perfect and this is why. True, nobody is perfect, but I felt like the way she acted wasn’t exactly wrong. She didn’t do what she did to hurt the other person since she didn’t know the full story. It felt like they were trying to find an excuse for the others in the drama to hate her @_@.


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