Luxebox Fall 2012

As I have mentioned before, Luxebox switched from a monthly subscription to a quarterly service. I’m sure anyone that was an existing subscriber was waiting wearily to see if the change was going to be a good one or if it was time to unsubscribe. Surprisingly, their Fall 2012 box totally blew even my favorite box (Glossybox) away as GB seemed to be going downhill a bit recently.

The ravamped packaging brought the word “luxurious” to mind. Instead of the square boxes most of the rival companies had, they switched it to a rectangle one. I really liked the company’s name stamped inside in gold lettering. Instead of tissue paper to wrap the items they used a cloth. Another improvement that I’m impressed by is that they put multiple items that are the same or the exfoliating pad into pillow boxes to keep them organized and clean!

Vichy // Proeven Daily Dark Spot Correcter

[[ VICHY introduces the exclusive melanin targeting DeeperCell-ConcentrateTM, combined with LHA, Vitamin Cg and Vitamin E. It acts on all surface layers of the skin and reduces the look of excess melanin. ProEVEN has a powerful triple-action: 1. Instantly reveals a more radiant glow 2. Evens skin tone 3. Reduces the appearance of dark spots ]]
Full Size: $44.00/30mL || Received: $11.00/1.5mL x 5 (7.5mL)

I’ve tried a line from Vichy before so I’m curious as to how this one will turn out.

Eyeko // Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

[[ Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner defines the eyes with vibrant colours minus the smudges. This pen-like style eyeliner is easy to use, which helps you create flawless lines for subtle or dramatic looks. ]]
Full Size: $18.00/0.07oz || Received: $18.00/0.07oz (FULL SIZED)

I’m actually really excited that I got this!! I’ve seen a lot of raves for this product so I’m glad they gave us this in our box!

Benefit // Stay Don’t Stray

[[ Keep your eye makeup in place all day by using Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray primer. This dual-action power primer works 360 degrees around your eyes to help your concealer and eyeshadow stay put. The primer will also keep your eyes hydrated and minimize the look of fine lines with Sodium Hyaluronate properties while fighting signs of aging with Vitamin C & E. ]]
Full Size: $30.00/10mL || Received: $7.5/2.5mL

I’m already using Urban Decay’s Primer Potion so I’m curious to see how this stands against it. My friend purchased a set that had this I think and the formula separated after awhile, if I’m not mistaken ::blink::.

Madonna // Truth or Dare Eau de Parfum

[[ Truth or Dare by Madonna is a contemporary and sexy reinvention of a classic, robust signature white floral. This scent is timeless yet modern, simultaneously dark and light. With a blend of narcotic florals, woods, vanilla, and caramelized amber. This scent stands out from traditional floral fragrance with a contemporary edge. ]]
Full Size: $65.00/50mL || Received: $3.90/3mL

I know most people don’t like fragrance samples because they can be free to obtain. I just wanted to note though that I was surprised by the size of this perfume sample! I mean it’s not a mini bottle by any means, but it was fun to see a small test tube inside haha!

Loose Button // Exfoliating Pad

[[ Our body deserves a lot more attention than we think it needs. Use this Loose Button Exfoliating Pad once a week to cleanse your skin and unclog your pores. Follow up by applying your favourite body lotion to seal in the moisture and keep your skin feeling baby soft! ]]
Full Size: — || Received: — (FULL SIZED)

Kind of weird how they put in items from the beauty box company. Glossybox did this too, but they gave a lipstick…

China Glaze // Adventure Red-y (On Safari Fall Collection)

[[ Step into the Fall season with China Glaze’s newest “On Safari” collection. Rock these colours on your nails to complete your new Fall look. ]]
Full Size: $7.00/14mL || Received: $7.00/14mL (FULL SIZED)

I have no idea why I keep getting pink and red every single time I get nail polish!! I hate those two colours as nail polish unless the pink was a light pastel pink or something. I don’t see how either of those colours are in ::swirl::. I actually already have a red from China Glaze but it’s a glittery one. From my experience China Glaze pretty much only requires one coat so I’m sure if colour was actually one I like I would love this.

Moroccanoil // Luminous Hairspray

[[ Luminous Hairspray is formulated with a combination of highly sophisticated ingredients infused with argan oil. This lightweight and workable hairspray offers a long-lasting, flexible hold, without leaving a sticky residue. It is ideal for creating and maintaining soft, natural styles. It can be brushed out easily without weighing the hair down and provides a reflective shine shield that fights frizz and humidity. ]]
Full Size: $22.00/330mL || Received: $5/75mL

I rarely ever use hairspray, but I do like the other product I’ve received from Moroccanoil before so we’ll see how this goes.

This box is worth approximately $52.4 with 3 full sized products, although I don’t know if the exfoliating pad from Loose Button really counts as one haha!
However, I like that they included full sized products from Eyeko and China Glaze.

Digital Home

Last month I knocked over a cup of coffee which splattered all over. I didn’t think anything got onto my laptop so I was busy cleaning up the rest of the mess. A weird static sound soon started emanating from my laptop’s speaker which threw me into a panic. I quickly placed my laptop upside down to get any liquid that was possibly inside, out. Only a drop or two came out and I knew I was too late.

I forced shut down the laptop and tried turning it back on later but the screen remained black. I thought for sure I had short-circuited the motherboard or something. Luckily my mom had a laptop I could play with while I searched around for a place that could fix it for a relatively low cost. The thing I was most afraid of were all the pictures I had on the laptop.

I try to backup all the videos I have on my laptop, but for some reason I never got around to backing up my pictures. You would think I would learn from the last time my laptop broke down. This time though it was worse since I had years worth of photos on it. Vacations, holidays, birthdays… all the photos I took for the blog.

Luckily though after a week I decided to try turning it on again… and it worked LOL. I read online when liquid first got into it that it might take up to a week for everything to fully dry and work again.

Does that happen to everyone else though? No matter how much you try to back up your stuff sometimes you just can’t keep on top of it. Then it’s too late? I hate it because my laptop pretty much has my life on it LOL! Everything’s customized to my liking, all the programs I regularly use or need is on it, all my music and pictures are on it. As much as I like getting new stuff, I sort of dislike starting everything new on computers/laptops.

However, this taught me a really good lesson. Backup everything regularly. So these days I’ve been trying to upload my billions of folders of pictures onto my Flickr privately. It is very time consuming. Only up to June 2009 right now LOL.

Essie Nail Polish — Camera Review

[[ Today Essie Nail Polish has grown to be one of the industry’s most popular professional polish brands. Due to Essie’s long-lasting formula, Essie Nail Polish has been worn by many celebrities including Princess Kate Middleton on her wedding day. ]]
Received this in the Luxebox a couple months ago, but I didn’t try it out until much later. Mostly because I really disliked the colour and didn’t want to go out with it LOL! It’s a bright neon pink, which can sometimes look a bit on the red side.

I see people talking about Essie a lot online and it always seemed to be positive reviews. My friend tried out one of their polishes not too long ago and didn’t really like it. She was surprised that it took so many coats for an opaque look and it also chipped really easily. After that I wasn’t so sure about the brand anymore.

Camera is exactly what I was afraid of. Aside from not liking the colour, I can still see my nail under after two coats.

Don’t mind my horrible job at painting my nails LOL!! I accidentally hit my pinky against something when it was still drying too @_@. I just wanted to quickly put it on and see how long it took to chip since I wasn’t planning to keep it on long. After 2-3 days a bunch had already chipped off.

Not into it.


Glossybox August 2012

Sebastian // Potion 9 Lite

[[ Potion 9 Lite conditions, restores, and enhances manageable styling. ]]
Full Size: 150mL/$20.95 || Received: 50mL/$6.98

Bioré // Makeup Removing Towelettes

[[ Lock onto dirt and makeup, even stubborn waterpoorf mascara, and lift it away without leaving a greasy residue… so you get thoroughly clean skin. ]]
Full Size: 10ct/$3.99|30ct/$9.99|60ct/$14.99 || Received: 10ct/$3.99 (FULL SIZE)

Kryolan// Kyrolan for Glossybox Lipstick

[[ Professional beauty lipstick for soft and glamorous lips with a luminous, long-lasting colour. ]]
Full Size: N/A || Received: N/A

Neve // Eye Pencil

[[ This professional line of eyeliner is a perfect and playful way to wear this season’s pastel palette for a soft and gentle look. ]]
Full Size: 1.10g/$11.99 || Received: 1.10g/$11.99 (FULL SIZE)

BeFine // Fine Food Skin Care

[[ Amazing samples from the best in fine foods. The Exfoliating Cleanser, the Gentle Cleanser, the Night Cream, the Pore Refining Scrub Treatment, and the Warming Clay Mask: A complete collection of superb products to invigorate, protect, and detoxify your skin. ]]
Full Size: 50-150mL/$24-$30 || Received: 10mL-14g/N/A

Trend Trunk Gift Card

[[ Cash in your closet with Trend Trunk, a social marketplace which allows you to buy, sell, and donate your amazing new and pre-loved fashion! This card could give you anywhere from $5-$250 to spend. ]]
*Bonus Item*

Ectoplast // SOS Blister

[[ Ectoplast SOS Blister helps you fall back in love with your fabulous, but painful shoes! With hydrocolloid technology, it helps blisters heal faster and its extra strong adhesion keeps the bandage in place for days. ]]
Full Size: 5 units/$5.99 || Received 5 units/$5.99 (FULL SIZE)
*Bonus Item*

I’m rather excited to try out the stuff in the BeFine box, but that’s about it. I really wish they would step up their game a little. They started out so well, but they also fell into this drugstore blackhole that the other beauty box companies did.

I’ll edit this post with my review as I try them. If you’re interested in subscribing please consider using my link ::heart2::!