What Did You Say? // Birthday Planning

Do any of you have friends or people you know where no matter what they say they seem to piss you off? Of course, they don’t mean to be offensive but it’s almost as if they don’t know any better or they have a weird view of the world and whatever comes out of their mouth, you can’t help but be taken aback. It makes me wonder if my patience level is really low or if I get angry too easily.

I’m just curious as to how others deal with these sorts of people. Do you just accept that that’s how they are and ignore all of their comments? Or do you confront them about it in hopes that they stop?

On a completely unrelated note. I had no idea where my camera’s charger was so I couldn’t take any pictures for the blog… LOL ::tear::. My dad totally threw it into some random box. The fact that I looked around the house for a whole week trying to find the thing -_-^. To make it up to all of you, here’s a super long entry!


So around two weeks ago it was my boyfriend’s birthday and I had decided to do a surprise dinner! It was really hard to think of what to do for his birthday because we barely knew each other for a month before I started to brainstorm what I could possibly give him for his birthday. One thing was for sure though, I didn’t want to go out and purchase an insanely expensive gift during such an early stage in our relationship. Why not make him a dinner instead so it’s something on a more sentimental level, right? I asked one of his close friends for ideas on gifts and he pretty much confirmed that my idea was good. He said, “If a guy wanted something he’d probably already go buy it himself instead unless it’s super expensive. A guy would rather spend time with his girlfriend.” I’m not really sure if that thought process applies for most guys but I thought it did for my boyfriend anyway LOL!

He mentioned I should make him a handmade birthday card when I mentioned that a friend of mine does that for me. I have no artistic skills whatsoever mind you, so I was reluctant to say that least LOL. I decided to go look for a cool birthday card instead and if I really couldn’t find one then I’ll make one. Luckily for me, I chanced upon the perfect card when I was clicking through pages and pages of cards on Etsy. One of his favourite movies is Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

A golden ticket scratch card!! So awesome!! There were a couple messages you could pick from but all of them seemed weird so I put a custom message instead. “Grats! You won a birthday dinner!” You can get one here. The seller has the most awesome cards ever.

I thought I’d get him a little something else too. His other favourite movie is Rush Hour 2. He’s also going to Tokyo and Seoul soon for a couple weeks so I thought I’d get him some travel guides from Lonely Planet.

It was really stressing because his birthday fell on a Monday. He had evening summer classes on Mondays and so my only option would be to make it Sunday, but I had work in the morning/afternoon. Which meant I would have to prepare stuff before work, rush home, and quickly do whatever was left. Thankfully my mom and grandma offered me help LOL. The thing was that because it was a surprise I had to make sure he was free during that time! I told his close friend to make plans with him on that day so I know for sure he would be free and then I would ask him to come over before his hangout. I couldn’t think of a good reason for him to come though, but my bestie suggested that I say that I was sick and ask him to bring over some medicine.

I had to try my hardest to not mention anything about the surprise to him. I didn’t even ask him to hangout for his birthday LOL. I knew he would be annoyed, but it would make the surprise that much more worth it. He finally asked me himself if we could hang on Saturday but I told him I was busy. I actually had a good excuse to give him (thanks to Leen again) – that it was my grandma’s birthday and my family was going to spend the day together. Except he didn’t even ask what I was doing and got upset. He didn’t show that he was upset at me but he told his close friend who told me because his friend, J, was also in on this BWAHAHA.

On the day of the dinner I kept wondering if I should really wait till last minute to ask him to come over. J never made plans with R because he had a funeral to attend. I decided to send R a text instead saying something like, “Do you mind coming over at around 7:15ish today? I need to talk to you about something.” He replied back with, “Does it have to be tonight?” The thing is I said what I said to make it sound ominous/urgent LOL. And when he replied back with that I was thinking god damn it did he already make plans. So I said, “Yeah it does.” R finally agreed to come over. It’s a good thing I texted him the time that I did because his mom asked him if he wanted to go out for dinner with the family that night right after my text.

At work I told my coworker K about my text. She suggested that I pretend I’m breaking up with him. She gave me some suggestions/lines on what I could do/say when he comes over, which I took LOL. So when R came over I opened the door only a bit and asked if I could speak to him in the car. The hilarious thing is, J had a girl that sort of dumped him that day – asking to speak in the car when he got there. He had told me so and even suggested I do that as a joke and that it would be easy to put that idea in R‘s head, but then said he was kidding because it was a horrible thing to do. Little did I know, he put that idea into R‘s head anyway so it helped with my trick LOL!!

In the car I said, “Soo I think we’ve known each other for almost two months now? …That’s enough time to know somebody well enough right? Or at least enough to know if you want things to continue or not?” And then later I was like, “This is too hard to say… so I wrote a letter instead.” I gave him the card. He looked back at me and was like, “Wait you want me to read this in front of you?” LOL! I told him yes so he opened it up and was like o_O… golden ticket?
Me: :3
R: -opens it-
Me: scratch it!
I can imagine if he thought I was actually breaking up with him.. he’d probably be thinking, “This is the most festive break up in the world…” LOL.

Anyway, his favourite food is sushi and steak. I opted to make sushi instead.

I actually bought a custom made cake too but there was this whole mess that will take too long to type out and I don’t have a HQ picture of it. I made strawberry sorbet for dessert but we didn’t end up eating it so I never took a picture of it. Why? Because he ate dinner before he came over LOL….. FAIL!!!

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