Who Do You Dress For?

Who do you dress for? Do you usually dress for yourself, girls or guys?

For me, I always enjoy dressing up for girls. When I see a style I like or even just how I dress myself, I don’t feel like a guy would appreciate it as much as a female would. When I dress for myself or for women I feel like I can dress more chic and sophisticated and they’d see that and appreciate it.

When it comes it guys I feel like they might take a look at a girl and think “cute”, “hot”, “weird”, etc. If a girl were to see the same outfit she may think something along the lines of, “I like how she paired that top with those shoes.” Or perhaps she might think, “Wow that’s an interesting way to pair those clothes!” Girls notice more details and are more likely to pick apart an outfit. For me, I feel that details don’t play as big of a role for guys as opposed to girls. A girl may try to do something special with her hair, find the perfect lipstick, wear the perfect pair of shoes with her dress and her friends would probably comment on it. A guy, on the other hand, might not give it much thought.

Every time I dress up or down, my girl friends would comment on it. They would voice their opinion. So when I think about my outfits and I feel like impressing, I would be dressing for girls. If I dress up to my image of what someone fashionable looks like, I feel like I would be overdressed for the boyfriend too. The only time I really dress for guys would be to wear something I think boyfriend would like, which usually means keeping to the more feminine looks.

When I want to dress casually or laid-back I’m usually dressing for myself. Those days where I just don’t really care what people are thinking. Or sometimes it’s those days when I want to dress down.


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