Wolfgang Gartner

Yeeeshh, talk about ditching the blog, right? Last week my schedule was super packed and I ended up going out every single day. My friends and I decided to go to this rave a week before the event. We had to rush to get hotels booked and buy our tickets.

I couldn’t find a dress so we ended up going to two different malls on different days. Found a cute floral one at Aritzia on the second day! It was originally $55, but Aritzia has a sale going on right now. I was hoping to find a nice skirt to wear instead this time, but I quite like the dress too. I don’t have a picture of it on its own and I threw it into the wash after I came back. Will take a picture when it’s been washed!

I’ll just spam this post with a bunch of camwhoring pictures before we were at the rave haha! I feel like half the fun is the preparation of going out.. and the pre-drinking when everyone’s giddy as hell. At least that’s how it is for me LOL.

Wanted to wear something comfy during the car ride down. We were gonna be in the car for around 3 hours.

My besties are so beautiful @_@

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