Small The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop had a sale on some body butters for just $5 so my mom and I decided to go check out what there was. I was looking on their website to see what new stuff they might have or anything for me to try out. I went through my Innisfree toner (Balancing Skin) pretty fast and I thought I would try out one from The Body Shop. I’ve tried out their toner, foaming cleanser, and blemish stick (now called Blemish Gel) from the Tea Tree line before. It wasn’t to my liking because of the fact that my skin felt incredibly tight afterwards. The blemish stick seemed alright but I felt like I was going through it too fast and it didn’t seem worth it afterwards.

I have combination skin that’s acne-prone. It’s hard to find a product that can help clear my skin and keep it in balance at the same time. Most items that fight acne seem to be too drying. This time I thought I’d try out some of their skincare products again but from the seaweed line instead. It seems to be less harsh on the skin. I also decided to indulge in a bottle of their new beautifying oil. Want nice legs for the summer ::^^::.

I only got the toner and night moisturizer for now. I still have a bunch of cleansers that I haven’t touched yet. It’s summer time and it has been pretty hot. I needed a light night time moisturizer since the one I usually use for night time would feel too heavy for the summer.

So far I’ve been impressed with all the products! I’ll give a review on the items when I have a bit more time to use it!

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