Can’t believe I’m back. After stressing about the blog for the longest time I can finally update haha! I finally emailed my host to see what to do and they got back to me quickly. I followed their instructions to fix it but it still didn’t work so I was sort of panicking at that point. Thankfully they did a follow up to see if everything was alright. Fixed everything up right away ::^^::. So if anyone’s looking for a host that has a great support team definitely check out Cloud Web!

If you notice some random words or text like “:::D::” or “::ribbon::” please ignore it for now. I know it looks really ugly. When I deleted all my plugins to reinstall them I forgot what code I used for some of the emotes LOL.

Lot’s of things have happened in between the time I was gone and I wish I could share it. However I didn’t take pictures of anything that I did haha! Also, I’m still sort of debating if I really want to share some of my personal life online. Once those things are out there you can’t take it back.

I shall now go type up my June Glossybox entry ::heart2::.

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