New Seasonal Luxebox Subscription

I just wanted to do a quick update to talk about the new LuxeBox subscription. A lot of customers are really angry right now about what Loose Button has done.

The company had an increase in subscribers I think around January or February resulting in the creation of a wait list for LuxeBox. In April a wave of invitations were sent out to people that were on the wait list. If I’m not mistaken, I think they only offered up a minimum of 3 months for their subscriptions, so you can’t pick to get charged just monthly. That is one reason why many new subscribers are angry about what happened recently.

After receiving one box (May), LB put up a picture on their Facebook showing a preview of what’s to come. It was a picture of the 4 seasons. I think most of us thought we were getting 4 special boxes a month that had to do with the weather. Nobody thought of what was to come.

Last week we got an email telling us about an “exciting change” to our Loose Button membership. Loose Button decided to change from a monthly service to only sending out 4 boxes in a year with items that fit accordingly to the season. The cost is now $26/3 months. So we went from getting 4 items a month for $12 to 7-8 items every 3 month for $26.

Those of us that were on a quarterly plan that just started last month were supposed to still receive two more boxes since we already got May’s box. Loose Button gave us the choice of either upgrading to the new plan, get one last monthly box (June) or cancel our membership. If we chose to upgrade to the new plan, our next box will be in August instead (Fall Box) and it will be charged just the $12 that we were originally paying for the June one. What about our last box? We are still left with the $12 we already paid for July, right? The $12 gets converted into a credit which can be used to partially pay for the next box….

Everyone is angry because it seems that LB already had this planned. So why did they open up spots for us to buy the 3 month subscription?? It looks really bad on their part. It’s as if they did this to lure us into their new $26 plan. For those that want to still receive their June box instead of upgrading, they will have to pay full price for the Fall Box later.

I upgraded, but I have to say it wasn’t really willingly. As with the others that have upgraded, we’re going to watch wearily as to what LB is going to do in the future. I regret even signing up with LuxeBox now, honestly. Unless they blow us away with their fall box, I think we might see the end of a company what with the huge wave of people cancelling when LB brought in this new system.

Anyway, in other beauty box news on my site, Just wanted to mention again that I will be editing the unboxing posts with the reviews instead of creating a new entry for them. I just updated a couple of the ones I got in May for the items I have tried so check them out. Glymm. LuxeBox. GlossyBox.