Tony Moly Galaxy GT Nail Polish – GT05 Jupiter Review

I tried out GT01 Mercury first and thought it was awesome so I expected great things out of this one. I wanted to wear this out to party since the colour for GT05 looks fun! I didn’t think to try this out beforehand instead haha. I was really disappointed when I applied it the day before I went out.

It wasn’t the formula I loved in GT01. The purple polish was streaky and there was barely any glitter on my nails. I shook it after seeing only random specks of glitter on the couple of nails I applied the polish to. Still not much improvement so I applied it with a thicker coating instead. Nothing was helping!

On top of that it chipped pretty much an hour or two after it had dried ::GAHH::!! I’ve had some polish chip the next day, but within the same day is pretty crazy. After that I just left the polish sitting in my drawer for quite a while.

I decided to give it a try again one day. The second time I shook it vigorously. No wimpy shake! And I applied it thickly again. Finally, it looked like how I was hoping it would the first time I tried it!

I apologize, I just can’t get the glitter right on camera haha! It’s too hard to capture it ::sweat::.

It looks quite pretty though. Bits of blue, light blue, and silver glitter within the purple polish. The only problem is that it still chips really easily. Even when I applied a top coat on it after noticing it started chipping, it still carried on chipping. The purple is also still a little bit streaky ::swirl::. Such a shame because it really is a beautiful look.


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