Strawberry Bliss Blend && Sweet Fruit Garden Herbal Tea

Just wanted to mention I’m in no way an expert when it comes to tea so I’m just giving my opinion as a casual tea drinker haha! So I ordered some tea from Teavana a couple months back after a friend totally got me interested. I thought it’d be good because I really don’t like to just drink water and when I’m studying I always like to have something to drink. Keeps me awake. Better than drinking a bunch of coffee and pop (soda for you other folks ::>_o::), right? So here’s two of the five I got for myself and family!

Strawberry Bliss Blend

'Bliss' is the perfect word to describe this combination of Blueberry Bliss Rooibos tea and Strawberry Lemonade herbal tea. Perfect hot or iced, this tea includes a great dose of vitamins and antioxidants. And the Rooibos tea may help control allergies and fight colds. Naturally caffeine-free.
At first I thought they sent me the wrong one because it said “Blueberry Bliss-Strawberry Lemonade Blend Tea” on the bag. I went back onto the site to make sure I had ordered the right one and realized it was because the Strawberry Bliss Blend is a mix of those two teas. I don’t remember if I had noticed that while ordering or not. I probably thought I’d give it a try since it had the Strawberry Lemonade inside the mix. I’m actually not a fan of blueberries so I was hoping the Strawberry Lemonade would somehow make me be able to like it LOL.

My friend doesn’t like Rooibos and said it has a really distinct taste. I’ve never drank it alone so I’m not sure if it was because of the blueberries or because of the Rooibos but I’m not really fond of this blend. Although I think this would be a pretty decent drink to serve iced. I don’t hate this tea, but it’s not one I’d repurchase.

Sweet Fruit Garden Herbal Tea.

Taste summer year 'round in every bright and rejuvenating cup. Lusciously sweet and sour Morello cherries & tart raspberries lead the way, channeling impromptu sun-dipped picnics. Highlights of hibiscus soften and refresh while apple, pineapple and papaya play in a garden of quenching delight. SUPERFRUIT ENHANCED. Bold infusion of mixed berries
Sweet Fruit Garden sounds so awesome, right? I honestly thought it would be a slightly sweet tea with all these frutis mixed in. Trust me, it’s not LOL. It is sooo sour!!! I had to add some of the German Rock Sugar they sell to sweeten it up. Definitely only good if you’re serving it as iced tea. I wouldn’t drink this straight.

I wouldn’t repurchase this either because I would want a tea that I can drink straight without so much sugar in it because it defeats the point of why I bought tea. Or else it’d have to be really delicious iced.

These are the only two I’ve opened so far and I got to say that I’m a bit disappointed haha! After trying the sample of Youthberry – Wild Orange Blossom Tea my friend gave me I was hooked and thought the other ones would taste just as good. I think I’m picking the wrong blends for myself. At least I ordered the Youthberry – Wild Orange Blossom Tea! I’ll let you guys know how the other ones are when I get to trying them ::^^::!