GlossyBox Canada May 2012

It seems that Glossybox has made it a habit of shipping on the last couple days of the month so we end up getting the box in the first couple days of the next month. I have been impressed with all their boxes that I’ve received thus far, but I have to admit it is a bit annoying when it comes to the shipping date. I’m guessing not GB’s fault but we didn’t get shipping notification for this month’s box either. Canada Post glitch? Anyway, this month’s box had a heavy weight to it so I was excited to open it.

Just wanted to mention, previously I would make a new post to review the items but I think I might just edit the unboxing post from now on. I feel like it takes over my whole blog when I do a separate post to review the items.

Curel // Foot Cream

[[ Significantly improve the look and feel of even the driest heels and feet with Curel Foot Therapy Cream – hydrates and softens dry, cracked feet in just 2 nights. NEW! ]]
Full size: 100ml/$3.99 || Received: 100ml/$3.99 (FULL SIZE)

Although this isn’t a high-end product I was sort of pleasantly surprised to get it. Not something I would usually buy by myself, but it’s an item I sort of need. My feet are always really dry and it gets to be a real chore to keep slathering on something to moisturize it. Now that it’s warmer out it’s sandals season and having dry feet looks really bad haha! I would regularly moisturize my feet but none of my moisturizers would really give me long-term effects. This promises to do something about my dry feet in 2 nights!

After one night of application I could already see that my feet weren’t as dry. Second night any scaliness disappeared. Quite impressed. I shall keep using it to see how it goes. But for now I shall give it a rating of


Simple // Eye Makeup Remover

[[ Simple Eye Make-up Remover effectively removes even waterproof mascara. Dermatologist tested Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for sensitive eyes. Contact lens users, Hypoallergenic. Noncomedogenic. ]]
Full size: 56ml/$9.99 || Received: 56ml/$9.99 (FULL SIZE)

I think these are the travel sizes, but I’m putting it as full size because they are purchasable in this size.

It’s nice to have a remover that doesn’t leave a slick of oil on the face. I like using this when I make a mistake while applying eyeliner. I would soak a q-tip with the remover and erase the line and it wouldn’t leave an oily patch. The only problem with this is that it can’t remove my waterproof mascara very well if I were to use it at the end of the day. It does fine removing eyeshadow, but anything that’s heavy would probably still be left on the eyes.


Simple // Facial Wash Gel

[[ Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed and revived, is a perfect blend of our purest skin-loving ingredients. ]]
Full size: 50ml/$9.99 || Received: 50ml/$9.99 (FULL SIZE)

Again, I think this is a travel sized item, but I’m putting it as full size since they are purchasable in this size.

boxx Cosmetics // Wet/Dry Shadow

[[ boxx eye shadows are versatile and multi-functional. The wet or dry formula can be used to define line and highlight the eyes. ]]
Full size: 2g/$18.00 || Received: 2g/$18.00 (FULL SIZE)

Sebastian // Professional Volupt Shampoo

[[ Pump up the Volume with Volupt shampoo from Sebastian Professional. We wanted to give you this full size because you deserve it. 250ml of Volupt suds all for you. ]]
Full size: 250ml/$15.78 || Received 250ml/$15.78 (FULL SIZE)
LOVE that they gave us the whole bottle ::^^::.
Approximate Value: $57.75
I will come back to edit this post with my review on the items once I get a chance to try them out! If you’re interested in subscribing please consider using my link ::heart2::!

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