May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor…

Hunger Games came out so long ago but I just got to watch it last week LOL! My friends went to watch it without me so I finally found someone else that didn’t watch it yet! I’ve read all three books so I wanted to see how they portrayed it in the movie. Usually people say you should just watch the movie first and then read the book because the movie will never live up to the book. I think in this case it might be good to read the book first!

There were some moments in the book I think they should’ve showed in the movie so the audience has a better grasp of what’s going on. For example, the reason why the hunger games was introduced. They kind of mentioned it at the start with the words in the introduction and also when they showed a clip to the tributes. It showed a clip talking about how everything was destroyed from war and then it was rebuilt to the way it was now. I don’t recall them talking about how there was a District 13 that tried to fight the Capitol. Of course, the Capitol won and D13 was destroyed. To prevent them other districts from ever doing this and also to show who’s in charge, Hunger Games was created.

I don’t know, there’s just some little details that I felt would’ve helped the movie out. Oh, by the way, who else was a bit disappointed in the fire costume.. LOL. I thought they were supposed to be engulfed in flames!?? And I also thought the killings would be more violent, but ah well haha! Movie wasn’t bad. But.. of course I thought the book was better LOL!

Anywho, I keep forgetting to take pictures of hauls and post them up so I think I might post up some stuff I got these past months. Also my friends and I just bought some clothes from S. Korea so I’ll post pictures of those stuff soon too! I’m excited haha. Oh, and I’ll make a post on some of the teas I got from Teavana too ::^^::. Keep checking back! I updated the most this month out of all the months since I’ve moved to this domain LOL. I feel very proud at the moment ::tear::.

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