LuxeBox May 2012

Subscribed to LuxeBox to see how it is between them and Glymm. Surprisingly, I found two boxes after I opened up the outer box. The black slide out box is the one that usually comes with the subscription. The white one is the extra one and it says “Bath and Body” on it.

I like how they have a sticker with our name on it. Like it’s packed just for us.

I thought there would be some nice soap or something in the white box haha! It was a razor with another Olay product. I’m a little confused about that because it’s the same one in the main box. LuxeBox has ‘MyScent’ which is a bag of perfume samples to let you test out different ones. I’m not sure if they’re doing this regularly.

Essie // Nail Polish (Camera)

[[ Today Essie Nail Polish has grown to be one of the industry’s most popular professional polish brands. Due to Essie’s long-lasting formula, Essie Nail Polish has been worn by many celebrities including Princess Kate Middleton on her wedding day. ]]
Full Size: 15ml/$8 || Received: 15ml/$8 (FULL SIZE)

I really wish they gave us a different colour LOL. I’m excited about another polish but I would never wear these neon looking colours ::tear::. I’ll probably just test it out to review and then give it away to family member.


Olay Regenerist // Wrinkle Revolution Complex

[[ See results in an instant. Watch as advanced micro-fillers and light-diffusing particles smooth the look of fine lines right before your eyes. This wrinkle treatment’s formula also hydrates to reduce the appearance of deep lines in just 14 days. ]]
Full Size: 15ml/$60 || Received: 14ml/$56

I’m actually pretty shocked how expensive it is when it’s a drugstore brand!! WOW!! And apparently we got 14ml out of the 15ml of a full size product. I did a light squeeze on the tube to see if it’s mostly just filled with air but product immediately came out ::GAH::!

EDIT// Ermmm I just checked around online and I don’t see anyone selling it for $60. Even when I add it into my cart on the Olay website to check, the original price is at $29.99 but marked down to $21.69???? Thought it was weird a drugstore brand was $60 for 15ml of product. Albeit it’s in American dollars, but it wouldn’t convert to $60 Canadian either haha.

Moroccanoil // Intense Hydrating Mask

[[ Hair in need of extra conditioning can benefit from this 5-minute revival treatment. Ideal for thick hair, the high-performance argan oil-rich formula deeply hydrates and conditions while dramatically improving hair’s texture, elasticity, shine and manageability. ]]
Full Size: 250ml/$38 || Received: 75ml/$11.40

Great size to test out a product. I see Moroccanoil products a lot in other people’s LuxeBox so I hope it’s a great product!

Definitely makes my hair look better after use. It doesn’t look as dry and it looks straighter after I use the moroccanoil. I have straight hair, but it usually doesn’t dry stick straight unless I blew dry it. Is it long-lasting though? I’m not too sure about that yet. However, if you have some event you’re going to this will be a nice one to use in the shower before you need to head out later on. I don’t think I left it on for 5 minutes, but I still see a difference even when I had it on for less than that. It has a scent to it, but not one that’s overly strong or bad smelling. My hair wasn’t greasy or anything after the use, only softer!

Likes: Hair is noticeably softer, becomes more manageable after use, doesn’t make hair all greasy.
Dislikes: None.


Calvin Klein // Sheer Beauty

[[ Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY is sparkling and carefree – with a pure, sexy confidence. This fresh fruity floral scent evokes sensuality and sophistication. ]]
Full Size: 50ml/$78 || Received: 1.2ml/$1.87

Rihanna // Rebelle

[[ Sassy or sweet, Rebelle is a delightful enticement bringing to mind not only the warmth of the Caribbean sun, reflecting Barbados-born Rihanna’s roots, but also the exhilarating whirl of her present-day city life. ]]
Full Size: 50ml/$69 || Received: 0.58ml/$0.80

Prada // Candy

[[ Prada Candy caresses your senses with vanilla scented honey, benzoin and an explosion of caramel. Made with high-quality ingredients, the pure indulgence and enjoyment of Prada Candy lies in its excess. ]]
Full Size: 50ml/$96 || Received: 1.5ml/$2.88

Funny because my friend was just telling me about how Prada Candy smells like the CK Shock sample I got. I shall see haha! Rihanna’s label really cheaped out… not even 1ml for the sample LOL!! 0.58ml.. shake my head.

I will edit this post with my review of the items as I try them. Anyway, I’m interested to see what else they’d be sending in the future. I think if I got a better polish colour I’d be a lot happier LOL!

2 thoughts on “LuxeBox May 2012”

  1. OH EM GEE C you can get those samples for free at Sephora or the Bay, but the packaging looks really fantabulous and special.

    1. Yeah I think that has been a problem with LuxeBox ::sweat:: .
      I don’t think I would mind as much if the other items were awesome and then I get some perfume samples on the side. Except in this one box almost all the items are obtainable at the drugstore LOL ::swirl:: .

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