Current Obsessions May 2012

Dropped off the face of the earth recently because I started playing Sims 3 LOL. My friends were all wondering where I went. I’m sure anyone that’s played Sims would know how addicting it is. I’ve played I think the first Sims before and it was a lot harder. Maybe because I was younger so I didn’t understand the game as much ::nervous::?

I got my sim’s lifetime achievement goal fulfilled when my laptop decided to die on me ::GAHH::!! Kind of makes me wish I got a desktop now. My laptop can’t handle me playing it all the time so.. it decided to show me the blue screen. Think I’m going to stay off it for a bit because I don’t want another laptop breakdown where I lose all my files again. That was a very sad time LOL!


Lately I feel like I’ve lost any sense of personal style haha! I used to have a very HK/casual Japanese look. Grew tired of it and then became very casual. Your everyday Canadian. I miss ‘dressing up’ and seeing things that I think would go along with my style. Nowadays I feel like nothing is to my liking. I like looking at a lot of styles but nothing that I feel like I myself would actually try to go for. I do keep finding myself attracted to images of clean, simple looks or very laidback looks. Which is why I seem to be very addicted to button ups.

Really enjoy that last studded collar picture. Wonder where it’s from or if they did it themselves!

The problem is.. I don’t just want to be wearing those all the time LOL. But that’s currently what I’m stuck on ::nervous::. I keep looking through Japanese mags to get inspiration but nothing has really stuck with me. Like I said, I enjoy looking through them but there isn’t anything that I feel like pulling off.

PS. Was having a bad day when I came onto my blog to see my scheduled post (this post) published onto blog. I was flipping out to my friend because I think I might’ve somehow selected the text and pressed a button right before pressing “Schedule”. Half my entry disappeared.. I mean albeit this entry isn’t full of words I still don’t want to redo it. Even with the relatively small amount of words, I don’t remember what I was blabbering on about HAHA. Then I remembered after my friend said they should at least have autosave, that WP does do autosave. Went back and restored it -whew-.

2 thoughts on “Current Obsessions May 2012”

  1. :D lol aren’t I such a smartie bwahahahahahaha :3 ooo I like the studded collars too >=D cant wait for our bling shirts bwahahahahaha >___> that is if they’re coming…

    1. Did I bring you onto the stud/bling train? LOL!
      All the products have arrived to them. They’re probably going to ship it tonight ::heart2:: ::heart2:: ::heart2:: !

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