GlossyBox Canada April 2012 Unboxing

The heavier weight of the box was, again, one of the first things I noticed when I took it out. Since last time that ended up being a good box I took it as a good thing. April’s box wasn’t bad either.

GB had put up a clue for us on Facebook since they were late again in sending out the boxes. I instantly knew it was a Wella product because I noticed that almost all the boxes for Canadians have included this product at least once. People that knew it was a Wella product seemed upset, but I’m guessing this is because they’ve received it before. I’ve never tried their products so I’m going to have to see if I enjoy the two products they included this box.

Aveeno // Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer
[[This amazing moisturizing formula is clinically shown to improve the look of tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness, and brown spots – for naturally radiant skin. — 120ml/$22.99]]

The lotion they included in the last box was nice so I’m excited to see how this would work for me. It contains SPF 15 too so I can use it in the morning. I don’t think any of my products right now have SPF in it (I know.. so bad for my skin, right?). Full size product.

Elizabeth Grant // Skin Care Shower Gel
[[Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Shower Gels are delightful fragrant cleansing gels, which foam as you clean. Capturing the true essence of grace, style and individuality in every person. — 240ml/$20.00]]

I took a sniff and it smells nice ::^^::. I like vanilla scents haha. I took a look at what others have received and some got apricot or coconut. Those ones sound nice too so I think if I received any of those I would’ve been delighted too heh ::heart2::! I’m also glad it’s a shower gel because as I’ve mentioned in the Glymm unboxing I prefer the gels to the bars! It’s also full-sized.

Wella // Brilliance Conditioner (Fine to Normal)
[[This lightweight Brilliance conditioner moisturizes coloured hair, leaving even fine hair full of vibrant shine and free-flowing movement. With diamond dust! — 250ml/$13.99]]

Nice amount of product to try out unlike the Free Your Mane one we got in Glymm. Always look for a good shampoo/conditioner for my dead hair ::>_o::. We receive 30ml in our sample.

Wella // Brilliance Treatment (Fine to Normal)
[[Brilliance Treatment with triple-blend technology blends three lightweight polymers to instantly restore hair’s vibrancy, … and you guess it: With diamond dust! — 150ml/$13.99]]

I do have some hair masks at home to try out but I haven’t gotten around to doing them yet but, again, I welcome these hair products since my hair needs some help haha! The smell of it kind of resembles Kao Essential’s shampoo. We get 25ml.

Marcelle // Xtension Plus Mascara
[[NEW! Give your lashes extra length and curl with Marcelle XTension Plus Mascara. Define and separate lashes while minimizing clumps and create maximum lengthening potential for a lash-extension look without adding extensions. — 9ml/$12.50]]

I’m kind of nervous about trying this out! I always have to wear waterproof mascaras because they smudge like crazy on me. I get panda eyes within a couple of hours or something. I’ve seen Marcelle around at the drugstores but I never tried them out because their section never seems really exciting. Hope this exceeds my expectations! Another full-sized item ::kitty::.

Marcelle // BB Cream Beauty Balm
[[NEW! Marcelle BB Cream: Try the 1st BB Cream formulated especially for Canadian women! Your 8-in-1 skin enhancer does it all for you, instantly! Offered in 2 shades with self-adjusting pigments to suit all ages and skin types. — 45ml/$22.95]]

We got BB Cream for a bonus item! I’ve never tried any of the western brand’s BB creams yet since they’re known for being more of a tinted moisturizer than an actual BB cream. However, I enjoyed the M. Asam one I got from Glymm so I’m excited to see how this one is. There’s only 1ml for this sample. PS. The girl they got to model for their BB cream looks pretty cute haha!

Aveeno Moisturizer – $22.99
Elizabeth Grant Shower Gel – $20.00
Wella Conditioner – $1.68
Wella Treatment – $2.33
Marcelle Mascara – $12.50
*Marcelle BB Cream – $0.51
Estimated Value // $59.50 (*$60.01)

Overall, pretty good box. We got 3 full-sized items and they weren’t useless full-sized items haha! I’ll be putting up a review of the items in the last box really soon. Already finished typing up half of the post ::bunneh::. If you’re interested in subscribing, please consider using my link ::heart2::!

2 thoughts on “GlossyBox Canada April 2012 Unboxing”

  1. I`m liking your lay out thing and yes for the big comment box lol :D so dude it seems Aveeno is like a big thing they`re handing out which is super awesome XD and ma friend uses that sample they gave you too :D and of course I am a regular Aveeno lotion user so woot woot :D their prods are pretty good. :3 Looking good :D

    1. Glad you like the new layout haha ::^^:: !
      Yeah, I’m guessing Aveeno is really pushing their products out there since I got a full-sized item both times. I’m glad I got to try though because I never really thought to do so since I thought it would be oily. Wella seems to be pushing their products too since all the beauty box providers have included Wella products.
      Is your friend enjoying her box? :::3::

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