Kanebo KATE Stick Concealer Review

Been trying to push out some posts in between all of my posts regarding the beauty boxes LOL. I don’t like them crowding the whole front page ::>_o::. I’ve actually been using this concealer for quite a long time and bought it again. Thought I should really get on to reviewing it haha!

KATE Stick Concealer comes in two colours Light Beige and Natural Beige. I don’t really recall which one I got… LOL. Might’ve been light.

The formula isn’t super creamy nor is it super drying. It does, however, show flakies if you have drier skin. I have combination skin and sometimes get random spots of dryness or when acne dries up it gets flakey. Although this does a decent job at covering them up, it will not not be creamy/hydrating enough to hide dry spots.

I would say the coverage is average. If the spot is too dark it would lighten it but not cover it up completely so this is more for small things you would want to cover. Nothing too heavy-duty.

By itself it doesn’t last too long on my skin as it gets oily pretty quick. If I just put it on and leave the house I’d probably come back to a bare face in 3 hours or so. It lasts decently when I put foundation and loose power over it but it varies with what foundation I have on top.

Packaging is good if you want to put it in your purse but I feel because it is made with plastic, the lid might crack if you put it under anything heavy. That’s just a guess though as I usually put it into a makeup bag and put that on top of everything when I need to bring it out ::nervous::.

I’m not exactly wow-ed by this concealer as I’m sure there are much better ones out there but I was running out of mine. I don’t know why but I was in a rush and just ordered another one of these LOL. Initially I was waiting until I finished mine until I buy a different one to try out, but I guess not ::GAH::.


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