My Week in Instagram Photos

I had my last class on Friday and now I just have to get through my finals haha! This term went by so fast, I kind of wish it was a bit longer. I’ve always like attending classes and learning new things. It’s the tests and assignments that make me dislike it ::nervous::. I thought I’d do a mini-ish entry with my instagram pics. It finally comes to the android and Facebook buys it up ::sweat::. I hope they don’t mess it up somehow. My user is wrappedinlace if you’d like to add me. I don’t have many photos up but I’ll keep trying to update ::heart2::!

Our teas came~. I tried out the Sweet Fruit Garden Herbal Tea and Strawberry Bliss Tea Blend. I tried the Strawberry Bliss one first. At first I thought they sent me the wrong one because it was labelled Blueberry something & Strawberry Lemonade. Turns out it was because it was those two mixed together to make Strawberry bliss harhar ::swirl::. I’ll talk more about them in a different entry!

All the snow melted and it looked like spring was going to come but then the forecast said we were going to receive about 20+cm of snow. In some parts of the road it was up to my knees because it was too early in the morning that people didn’t shovel their driveways yet. I had to walk on the streets for a bit. I wore my leather boots but a bit of water still seeped in in the really deep puddles ::tear::.

The worst part was that after going through all that I arrived at the school to find out all classes were cancelled. Don’t even understand why.. it wasn’t that bad that people can’t reach the school man. The same day our school’s server went down so they couldn’t even email us to let us know they cancelled school. Worst luck ever!!!

Ashley got me the Super Orgasm Nars blush during Christmas and I never got to exchanging it. Now that they opened a Sephora closer to me though I finally went to exchange it haha ::nervous::!! I asked the SA what coral-orange coloured one I should get. I was actually looking at Amour but she recommended me Torrid. She helped me apply it and it looked cute so I got that one. I haven’t tried it out myself yet since I’ve been trying the Pandora one I got in my Glossy Box.

Went to pick up grandma from the airport. I like taking the trip there, not sure why. Guess I like looking at fields of nothing LOL!! And horses and cows… Wanted Starbucks when I was there but couldn’t find one (wth? LOL). Unless it’s inside where people already checked-in or something..idek ::tear::.

Every time I see my categories for the blog I feel like fixing it up. The problem is that I don’t know how I should categorize my posts and tags. Perhaps they should be:
– Life
– Beauty Reviews
– Fashion Reviews
– Site
and then instead of having the Brands category I’ll turn those into tags instead? Think those categories are broad enough to incorporate everything?? Right now my categories list is too long for my liking. I would like to fix it before I have too many entries on this blog. It’s not that visible right now because the main page only shows the main parent categories, but you can see more of them once u click the title of the post ::swirl::.

That’s all folks! Btw, I have a sort of surprise I guess you can say after I finish up my finals on Saturday bahaha. Okay well, it probably doesn’t really benefit anyone other than myself, but whatever LOL.

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