Glymm March 2012′s Products Review

M. Asam – Magic Fini

[[This silky formula blends beautifully into your skin to conceal uneven skin tone for a light, matte, natural looking finish. It smoothes away the appearance of wrinkles, enlarged pores, and imperfection to reveal a sun kissed, healthy looking skin tone. It’s magical. $38.00 – 30ml]]

I was so afraid of trying this because the colour was so dark in the jar! I put a bit on my hand and blended it out and to my surprise, it blended in without making my hand super dark. There does seem to be a slightly darker tint, but nothing that would be super noticeable. I tried it out on my face when I went out with my friend with a bit of concealer underneath and primer, of course. Worked out great actually! Glymm says that it’s a BB cream, but I wouldn’t describe this as a BB cream in the actual sense. It’s probably comparable to our western version which is a tinted moisturizer forumula instead of the Asian formulas.

Magic Fini is super whipped and when you put it on your face it just melts on. You know when you eat cotton candy and it just disappears when you eat it? Just like that. You can’t feel anything on your face even while applying it! It’s great because one thing that I hate is when makeup feels cakey! While on you would feel like you weren’t wearing anything on your face at all.

Staying power is also good. When I put on my primer and setting powder it stays on all day. Surprising for me because I would’ve thought with this kind of formula it’s disappear relatively quick.

Like I mentioned, this is more like a tinted moisturizer, not a regular bb cream/foundation. With that said, the coverage is very sheer. If you wanted to conceal some problem areas, it won’t be doing any of that, unlike real bb creams which are usually more buildable. Be sure to put on concealer if you need better coverage on those areas. If you just want a smoother complexion or to even it out a bit, this will be great. A very unexpected like!

Likes: Cannot feel it on my skin during and after application. Stays on all day. Not cakey.
Dislikes: Not much coverage.


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Hydrafull Gloss

[[Get your lips softer and fuller! Drench them with multi-dimensional pigments that release high shine and color. It stays put without the sticky residue. This rich and fortifying formula nourishes your lips with the added benefits of Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Anastasia’s exclusive Balkan Botanical Infusion. Pucker up beauties! $27.00 – 2.2ml]]

The colour for this product also gave me a bit of a fright. I was afraid it would be a bright pink lip gloss which doesn’t look good on me. After putting it on, it’s actually not bad. The gloss’ applicator isn’t the usual sponge one, but is instead a flat, plastic one. It’s really sticky so usually for these I put a bit on my lips and spread it out with my finger because it’s too hard to apply with the applicator. I feel like too much gets on my lips when I spread it out with the applicator. I tried it both ways though, with my fingers it is a nice sheer coat with a hint of colour. With the applicator it makes my lips more red with a hint of pink.

Likes: Pretty hydrating and does seem to make my lips a bit fuller. Lasts quite long. Doesn’t seem to bring out flakes if lips are dry.
Dislikes: Not a fan of the flat applicator. Too sticky.


Ocean – Nail Polish

[[A true trend-topper, Ocean Nail Polish Spring 2012 collection boasts shades that are vibrant, pastel and intense. This luscious lacquer applies super smoothly and streak free, and is fast-drying without containing any toxins. It’s sold in upscale salons around USA and Europe. $12.00 – 15ml]]

I tried this before without a base coat and it stained my nails like crazy. I think most reds do though? When I applied it without a base coat it did dry really fast, but when it dried it looked like I coloured in my nails with a red sharpie. I’m not a fan of wearing red polish on myself, but looking like I put red sharpie on my nails D:? I tried this again with a base coat and it looks more shiny and a lot more deep red – like blood. I’m not sure about the staying power because I don’t like it so I’m not keeping it on for that long LOL.

Below is a picture of it on with a base coat. Sorry for the messy application. Was too lazy to clean it up before taking the picture haha!

Likes: Dries fast.
Dislikes: The red stains my nails like crazy without base coat, but then again so do other reds. Looks like I used sharpie to colour in my nails.


I’m not going to rate the extensions because I’m not using them. It wouldn’t be fair for me to review items if I’m not using them and just basing it off of my feelings of not liking feather extensions ::nervous::.

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2 thoughts on “Glymm March 2012′s Products Review”

  1. Dude that nail polish color like needed to go big time man, When I saw it I was like D: EW HECK NO THAT’S LIKE SO BLEARGH LOL

    1. Tell me about it ::nervous:: . Everyone that has seen it so far is like : |. My mom was the most vocal about it. “EWWW…..SICKKKKK….-look of disgust-” .. HAHA ::X_X:: At least the other ones weren’t bad. The feather hair extensions though are so stupid. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do with them… ::blinkblink::

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