Glossybox March 2012 Unboxing/First Impression

I’ve mentioned some subscription boxes available in Canada before in my February Glymm box post. We have Luxebox, Topbox, and Glymm. There are two others that I haven’t mentioned before Julep Maven and Glossybox! For those of you who are into nail products, Julep Maven is solely concentrated on exactly that! It is more expensive than the others, topping it off at $19.99USD, however, the catch is that it is personalized for you. Where as other subscription beauty box companies offer a profile you can fill out and only sometimes go by it, Julep Maven actually sends out the box according to your style. You can also skip a month or choose to send it to someone else instead. I’m really tempted to try, but I think I’m going to keep seeing how my current beauty boxes go first ::nervous::.

What I’m reviewing today is Glossybox! Glossybox was actually available first in Europe and the items they got in the UK always seemed so fabulous ::swirl::. They made a Glossybox Canada in January and their first box was in February! They are the second most expensive coming to $15 (tax and shipping included). They offer 5 items with an occasional 6 as opposed to Luxebox and Glymm’s 4-5 items and Topbox’s 4 items. So with the extra cost I think most people believe it’s because it’s a European company and also because of the extra item.

Glossybox also says they send out their boxes at the beginning of each month as opposed to the middle of the month like the other services. From what I’ve read though, Glossybox didn’t send out notifications when they had shipped the items and and I believe they were also a bit late for their first box. I do notice though that Glossybox is always trying to improve and they seem to take what their customers are telling them and actually implement it. This month, they told everyone that they would be sending out notifications for our convenience.

Which is great, but as March started passing by, no one received any notification about their shipment. Glossybox had decided to switch out an item for another at the last minute so it caused delay. Many people were annoyed that they didn’t plan the box out earlier so we wouldn’t get our boxes so late. They told us that they would probably be sending towards the end of the month. Which is a big disappointment when it was supposed to be sent at the start of the month.

After much whining from everybody, we’ve finally out our boxes! I got mine today (April 2nd) so of course, with a whole month’s delay we are all hoping that the box was well worth the wait. And was it? I would say so ::heart1::. Maybe it’s too soon to tell, but after getting 2 Glymm boxes and this one, I have to say this was the first time I opened it up and smiled LOL.

Aveeno – Daily Moisturizing Lotion

[[This naturally nourishing lotion contains natural colloidal oatmeal blended with rich emollients and is clinically proven to moisturize for a full 24 hours. 345ml/$11.99]]
It says full size is 345ml, but I’m pretty sure they actually sell this as the size that I go too so I’m pretty sure this is a full-sized item ::bunneh::. I actually don’t usually use this brand myself, but I know some people in my family that do and they like it. I’ll be sure to put this in my bag so I can use it on my dry hands LOL ::^^::.

Bailey Cosmetics – Fresh Lip Gloss

[[Bailey cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss in Berry or Pink is the perfect colour accent for women who want a sheer bump of colour to enhance their pout. 8g/$28.00]]
I got Berry, which I don’t really think is my colour. It’s on the purpley side, wish I got pink instead haha! I’ll try it out and see how it is though. Full-sized item!

Evian – Brumisateur Facial Spray

[[Evian’s facial spray rehydrates dull, tired skin, and is great for setting and renewing your makeup throughout the day, keeping you looking fresh, healthy, and beautiful. 50ml/$7.00, 150ml/$12.50, 300ml/$17.50]]
I was glad I got this! I remember back then I saw it at Shopper’s Drug Mart and then I couldn’t find it anymore when I decided to go out and buy it ::tear::. I got the Avene one instead. I’m glad I get to try this one though ::^^::. We got the 50ml one.

Pandora – Blush St. Tropez

[[Pandora’s Blush St. Tropez is a beautiful pink blush that can be used all year round and added to any bronzer. Pandora’s Makeup Box products were designed for professional use and are pigmented so they will last all day long. $18.00]]
Another full-sized product ::GAH::. If you follow me on twitter you’d know that I broke my blush so I’m on the lookout for another one. Couldn’t come at a better time LOL! I prefer coral/orange ones but I’m excited to see how this one is.

Sebastian – Re-Shaper Hairspray

[[Brushable, strong hold hairspray for all hair types. Bends any movement into shape with long-lasting hold and humidity protection all in one. Re-style into any shape and re-form ingenious hold. 43g/$19.95]]
I never use hairspray but my brother and my mom use it like crazy. We’ve been using Tresemme and it does a pretty good job without making the hair all hard and wet looking. I’m curious to see how this one will fare! Kind of scared if they love it though because I don’t know where to buy this LOL! According to the card this is a full-sized item?

Algemarin – Foam Bath

[[Algemarin is made from extracts of seaweed, algae, and mineral salts which give the body a tonal quality that previously was only obtainable from hydrotherapy or sea bathing. “Spring forward” feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 5x5ml/$3.99, 500ml/$17.99, 750ml/$23.95]]
We’re given 15ml in our package for this. This was actually an extra one! Excited to try this too because I love skincare items LOL.

When I was taking this box out of the one with the labels I could feel how heavy it was and I got really excited haha! I think it was called for since every item is full-sized. They did say they’re going to be sending out the April box in the second half of the month, but I won’t complain this time around since they seem to have proven themselves that their boxes are well worth the wait!
Aveeno lotion – $11.99
Bailey lipgloss – $28.00
Evian facial spray – $7.00
Pandora blush – $18.00
Sebastian hairspray – $19.95
Algemarin foam bath – $3.99
Total Value: $88.93!!

I shall get back to everyone on how the samples are after I’ve tried them. I’ve yet to post up the actual review on the items for Glymm’s March box still… bahaha ::sweat::..

P.S. Their packaging is so beautiful ::heart2::!

If you’re interested in subscribing, please consider using my link :)

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    1. LOL! You know I always do ::^^:: .
      The mailman left the pkg outside the door instead of the bigger box at the mailbox ::XO2:: Good thing my neighbourhood is a good one.. someone might jack my stuff LOL ::sweat2::

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