Kanebo KATE Stick Concealer Review

Been trying to push out some posts in between all of my posts regarding the beauty boxes LOL. I don’t like them crowding the whole front page ::>_o::. I’ve actually been using this concealer for quite a long time and bought it again. Thought I should really get on to reviewing it haha!

KATE Stick Concealer comes in two colours Light Beige and Natural Beige. I don’t really recall which one I got… LOL. Might’ve been light.

The formula isn’t super creamy nor is it super drying. It does, however, show flakies if you have drier skin. I have combination skin and sometimes get random spots of dryness or when acne dries up it gets flakey. Although this does a decent job at covering them up, it will not not be creamy/hydrating enough to hide dry spots.

I would say the coverage is average. If the spot is too dark it would lighten it but not cover it up completely so this is more for small things you would want to cover. Nothing too heavy-duty.

By itself it doesn’t last too long on my skin as it gets oily pretty quick. If I just put it on and leave the house I’d probably come back to a bare face in 3 hours or so. It lasts decently when I put foundation and loose power over it but it varies with what foundation I have on top.

Packaging is good if you want to put it in your purse but I feel because it is made with plastic, the lid might crack if you put it under anything heavy. That’s just a guess though as I usually put it into a makeup bag and put that on top of everything when I need to bring it out ::nervous::.

I’m not exactly wow-ed by this concealer as I’m sure there are much better ones out there but I was running out of mine. I don’t know why but I was in a rush and just ordered another one of these LOL. Initially I was waiting until I finished mine until I buy a different one to try out, but I guess not ::GAH::.


New Layout && I’m Calling It!!

I said I would have a surprise after I was done my finals and here it is! A new layout LOL! I had the other one up for over a year so I thought I’d change it for now. I was actually trying to figure things out for quite a while. People that are good with coding and customizing their layout would probably think it was a piece of cake but I had to keep tinkering with it.

I thought I would put it up once I was done with my finals so I can sort out any messes. On the day I was going to put it up I saw that the theme had an update.. this had actually happened to me before but I totally forgot.. but when you update the theme it sets everything back to default. I didn’t save a backup or create it as a child theme and I accidentally pressed refresh on the tab I had my site opened so I couldn’t even look at that as reference. I was just pulling my hair out that night ::tear:: ::GAH::.

Another thing I noticed when I was doing the fonts for the previous theme. Google Chrome hates Google Web Fonts. I don’t know why since it’s their own product but I’ve searched online about this and it seems like it’s a pretty prominent issue with no fix. The fixes that people had up were for previous versions of Chrome and don’t work anymore ::swirl::. Let me show you my problem:

What is that jagged mess on the right!? It’s so smooth and nice on the left with Firefox! GAH!!! –throws clenched fists up in the air– Whatever, I give up LOL. I’m sorry Chrome users, you’re just going to have to look at that. The sidebar is also blargh right now, but you know… after 3 days of fixing up behind the scenes (aka. the categories and tags) and fixing the stupid layout. I’m beat LOL.


One of my besties and I were talking about colour themes for someone’s wedding. She mentioned how she loved Tiffany blue and then after my chirp of agreement she quickly yelled (sans swearing), “I CALL IT! YOU BETTER NOT TAKE IT!!” I was of course taken aback! So I told my other bestie later on that day about how Tiffany blue was apparently off the table. That’s when I hear, “I like lavender..like a soft lilac…I CALL LAVENDER!”

Son of a ………. ::GAH::!!! LOL!!

So you know what? Now I feel like I should claim some colours too! HA! –taps the microphone– I’d like to announce that I’m claiming the colour theme peach-white-with a tiny bit of gold amongst our circle of friends. Think peach can match anyone’s skintone and soft peach just looks so feminine and…well, soft LOL! I did a quick search on pinterest for some pictures harhar.

Sort of funny because none of us really ever thought about how our weddings would be like, at least I never did. It was just never a pastime for me to think how I would like my wedding in the future. Now that we’re in our 20s though people are starting to get pregnant and engaged and it brings up talks about it all.

On that subject it’s interesting to see how my close friends aren’t that into marriage! Or is that the norm nowadays? Young women want to be more like a power woman and just be focused on their career and rise to the top. Marriage can be saved for later, sort of mindset? I think especially now with the divorce rates being so high women might be more afraid? I don’t know why but so many people around me has had to suffer with shady guys.

So it’s not just about being focused on their career but also because you have to invest so much into a marriage? Sometimes amongst my close friends I feel like I’m the most level-headed romantic of the group HAHA. What I mean by that is I wish for the marriage and settling down part but I’m not exactly the type to keep my rose-coloured glasses on the whole time. Anyway, I can tell I’m going to start rambling with this post so I shall just end it off here haha!

Glymm April 2012 Unboxing/First Impression

Back with another Glymm box. So let’s take a look at what items I got shall we? ::bunneh::

Lucia // Soap No.1 and No.6

[[ These refined jewels are packed with pure botanical extracts and enriched with 100% certified organic Shea Butter. Not only will your skin feel silky-soft, it will also be thoroughly cleansed and smelling so seductive. Go ahead, drape yourself in luxury, you know you want to. Signature scents include: Goat Milk and Linseed and Wild Ginger and Fresh Fig — Package of 8 soaps / $17.50 ]]

I’ve always seen this brand at our Indigo but I never bought anything from them. I would really love to get some of their scented candles but I have yet to get through the scented candle I have right now ::nervous::.

The scent is lovely but I actually don’t really like using bar soaps. Feel like it’s so dirty using them and prefer using gels LOL. I’ll still try it out though, hopefully it makes my skin soft ::kitty::. It notes both of the soaps they gave out but subscribers only get to try out one of them. I got the Goat Milk and Linseed Soap. I think they sell them this size in the pack of 8 while a normal sized bar is $10.00. Pretty small though so I would imagine it’s just to give away for gifts or something.

Atelier Cologne // Orange Sanguine Fragrance

[[ Atelier Cologne is a niche perfume house based in Paris and New York. Each scent is intended to embody a “singular moment” of memory and experience. We present to you Orange Sanguine, “It was the kind of moment you would want to revisit. Everyone was here, gathered on the terrace for breakfast, and the scent of fresh oranges was diffusing in the yellow heat. A symphony of their laughter and waves hitting the cliffs played in the air.” — 30ml / $60.00 & 200ml / $165.00 ]]

I actually got a bit on my hands when uncorking to take a sniff of the scent. It smells so nice ::XO2::! I love the scent of oranges and I think their description makes it even better LOL. So hard to describe scents. You know when you just open up an orange and the scent of it wafts through the air? Kind of like that but a deeper slightly more bitter smell like the orange peel. It’s okay I don’t think you’ll smell like you rubbed orange on yourself though hahaha! Again, if only they gave more for the sample!! I know many people dislike getting these tiny vials as samples because they’re obtainable at stores. However I don’t think I’ve seen this one around before.

By the way, this is a very pricey fragrance!! Although I’m sure my friend’s Thierry Mugler perfume was around $100 for 50ml LOL. But I think my Anna Sui Secret Wish was around $70-$80 for 50ml and $100+ for 100ml D&G Light Blue? Would be more worth it to buy their 200ml bottle, but I don’t know if I want to drop $165 on that ::swirl::.

Free Your Mane // Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

[[ “I’m sorry, I can’t make it, gotta wash my hair.” You will totally use this line after trying this shampoo and conditioner. It gently cleanses hair and scalp while natural oils help rebuild your hair’s delicate moisture balance. With an exclusive blend of Brilliant Baobab Oil from Africa, ultra-moisturizing Argan Oil from Morocco, anti-oxidant rich Pomegranate Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil will truly Free Your Mane. — 300ml $16.00 ]]

Curious to try this out. Right now I’m testing out Kao Essential and it works quite well but the cost for the size you get is kind of striking. It lists a lot of different ingredients that help give silky hair so I just hope it doesn’t make it oily!

Mai Couture // Social Gloss

[[ Treat your lips with luxury you simply can’t live without. Not only will this gloss fill in unwanted lines and restore moisture but it will create full kissable lips. Your lips will be healthy and plump. This sheer formula will create a sumptuous and luminous sheen. The secret: A complex mix of plant extracts naturally enhances lip volume effortlessly without the allergen. Your lips will be the life of the party. — 5ml / $28.00 ]]

I showed Leen the lip gloss I got and she said, “You didn’t get a lip gloss.” I gave her a weird look because what else would it be and then she was like, “It’s not a lip gloss… it’s a social gloss!! >:O ” LOLOL! I was just like -_-^^^^. Anyway, it’s in the shade French 125 and looking at the shades they have I think this would’ve been the one I picked if I got a choice so I’m glad they sent me this colour ::^^::.

When I took the box out I felt how light it was and thought it was going to be a disappointing box again. I actually don’t mind this box though. Yes, the sizes are all really measly and I do wish they gave a bigger one but that’s not really their fault is it? I’m pretty sure the brands make their own sized samples to be given out. I felt the brands and items they picked for this one were pretty good. It is more higher end than the Burt’s Bees we received for February and they are purchasable unlike the Ocean polish we got in March. We got one full-sized item this box but I’m glad this gave us the lip gloss this time around from Mai Couture instead of the sheets.

They gave us a “$100 Gift Card” for NuMe. Some people realized it was only for styling tools and hair extensions (excludes haircare and accessories). They were complaining that they thought it was a gift card not a discount since the styling tools and hair extensions are all over $100. I honestly don’t really see the problem here? Isn’t the $100 discount and gift card essentially the same thing? Either way you don’t pay the $100. I didn’t think they’d just give us $100 worth of free stuff anyway especially when this was given to all the subscribers of Glymm ::sweat::. Anyway if anyone wants the code just leave a comment and I’ll post it since I won’t be using it LOL.

Lucia Soap – $2.19
Atelier Cologne – $0.83 – $2.00
Free Your Mane Shampoo & Conditioner – $0.79
Mai Couture Social Gloss – $28.00
Estimated Value // $31.81 – $32.98

Will be giving a review of the items inside once I get to try them all out! If you’re interested in subscribing please consider using my link ::heart2::!

My Week in Instagram Photos

I had my last class on Friday and now I just have to get through my finals haha! This term went by so fast, I kind of wish it was a bit longer. I’ve always like attending classes and learning new things. It’s the tests and assignments that make me dislike it ::nervous::. I thought I’d do a mini-ish entry with my instagram pics. It finally comes to the android and Facebook buys it up ::sweat::. I hope they don’t mess it up somehow. My user is wrappedinlace if you’d like to add me. I don’t have many photos up but I’ll keep trying to update ::heart2::!

Our teas came~. I tried out the Sweet Fruit Garden Herbal Tea and Strawberry Bliss Tea Blend. I tried the Strawberry Bliss one first. At first I thought they sent me the wrong one because it was labelled Blueberry something & Strawberry Lemonade. Turns out it was because it was those two mixed together to make Strawberry bliss harhar ::swirl::. I’ll talk more about them in a different entry!

All the snow melted and it looked like spring was going to come but then the forecast said we were going to receive about 20+cm of snow. In some parts of the road it was up to my knees because it was too early in the morning that people didn’t shovel their driveways yet. I had to walk on the streets for a bit. I wore my leather boots but a bit of water still seeped in in the really deep puddles ::tear::.

The worst part was that after going through all that I arrived at the school to find out all classes were cancelled. Don’t even understand why.. it wasn’t that bad that people can’t reach the school man. The same day our school’s server went down so they couldn’t even email us to let us know they cancelled school. Worst luck ever!!!

Ashley got me the Super Orgasm Nars blush during Christmas and I never got to exchanging it. Now that they opened a Sephora closer to me though I finally went to exchange it haha ::nervous::!! I asked the SA what coral-orange coloured one I should get. I was actually looking at Amour but she recommended me Torrid. She helped me apply it and it looked cute so I got that one. I haven’t tried it out myself yet since I’ve been trying the Pandora one I got in my Glossy Box.

Went to pick up grandma from the airport. I like taking the trip there, not sure why. Guess I like looking at fields of nothing LOL!! And horses and cows… Wanted Starbucks when I was there but couldn’t find one (wth? LOL). Unless it’s inside where people already checked-in or something..idek ::tear::.

Every time I see my categories for the blog I feel like fixing it up. The problem is that I don’t know how I should categorize my posts and tags. Perhaps they should be:
– Life
– Beauty Reviews
– Fashion Reviews
– Site
and then instead of having the Brands category I’ll turn those into tags instead? Think those categories are broad enough to incorporate everything?? Right now my categories list is too long for my liking. I would like to fix it before I have too many entries on this blog. It’s not that visible right now because the main page only shows the main parent categories, but you can see more of them once u click the title of the post ::swirl::.

That’s all folks! Btw, I have a sort of surprise I guess you can say after I finish up my finals on Saturday bahaha. Okay well, it probably doesn’t really benefit anyone other than myself, but whatever LOL.