Freedom of Speech

This is going to be an all-text post ::nervous::. I used symbols for some letters because I don’t want those search terms to link to my blog.. LOL. Not because I type ly3 d1s ::X_X::!! Anyway, I hope this post isn’t offensive to anyone. Well.. I don’t see how it can be but in case anyone is sensitive about this topic @_@.

Last week my city had one of its first wh!t3 supr3m@cy rallies… however I’m quite proud of my city. That’s a weird thing to say, right? It’s not because I support them, it’s because an anti-racism group knew about this so they staged their own to drive them out ::GAH::! It’s kind of funny because there were apparently two dozen of them in the wh!t3 supr3m@cy group and most of them wore masks. Just think that it’s hilarious how they want to show their support for racism, but are too scared to show their face. If you believe in something so much, stand up for it whole-heartedly! Anyway I think there were around 100 people in the anti-racism group vs. the racist one. The racist one needed cops to help fend off the anti-racism group because they were shouting expletives at them and making them leave LOL! Good.

I do believe our country stands for freedom, but sometimes people take things way too far. Yes, you escape your motherland to come here to believe in what you want, say what you want, and do what you want, but the thing is you shouldn’t do it to harm others.

My coworkers were talking about this rally and one of them, J, got worked up about freedom in Canada. I kind of got where she was coming from, but I’m sure even she knew it sounded really bad. She even said so herself that she was digging herself into a hole. There were things that she mentioned that just kind of shocked us. By us I mean me and another coworker, S.

1) If there’s enough people that believe something, they should be able to form an organization.
2) Saying Merry Christmas should be allowed.
3) Should be able to play the anthem.
4) When does it count as racism?

Just a FYI, she’s not racist but.. yeah I don’t know.. LOL.

1) She truly believes that we should have the freedom to believe in what we want. If the white supremacists believe enough in their ideas, they should be allowed. As long as they don’t harm anyone. Heck, Muslims are allowed to create their own schools. Catholics are allowed to create their own schools, why not them?

I was truly appalled by her train of thought on this. For one, Catholics and Muslims aren’t about hate. Their belief is about their idea of afterlife and their idea of God. And yes, the WS group DO cause harm. How is being a racist not harmful?! You look down on others, you treat them like they’re lower down on the scale because of their race!

To actually suggest they even create their own school was friggen mind boggling to say the least. What, so we can raise more of those disgrace we call humans? I mean really, your country won’t be where it is today without these other races. Hell, your country wasn’t even really your country since it was taken away from native people.

Instead I would rather have a school that outright banned racism. What you were being racist? Expelled. I would rather have a school that embraces all cultures and teach everyone to appreciate every race. Not make a school to encourage more racism..

2) I do agree on this point. We should be able to say Merry Christmas. It’s not that I’m saying all other holidays don’t matter, but when you think about it, the religion that has the biggest following here is Christianity. It is also the most celebrated holiday. Even people who aren’t religious give each other presents and stuff during this season. Why not? It’s not like it’s harming anyone. People should just think of it like they’re getting a good-intentioned wish. I wish you a Merry Christmas. How could that be offensive ::nervous::??

It’s like during Lunar New Year and people go around saying Gong Hei Fat Choi. If I’m Vietnamese or Korean should I be offended you wish me that? Just because I’m technically not celebrating Chinese New Year, but the Korean or Vietnamese one? I’m just wishing you a happy new year…

Just join in the joyous times. This is the time where people don’t have a stick up their butt! The only time of the year when I get like 90% super nice customers as opposed to the 60%. They’re the mythical beings that only appear during holiday season LOL.

3) I’ve actually never heard of people being offended that our anthem is played? Anyone else? I’ve always been attending Catholic schools and we never have the anthem, just a prayer in the morning. Although S did say they use to play the anthem at her Catholic school for the year or two she attended. I’ve been to 4(?) and I’ve never had that? Only when I attended a public school for a year. I guess I’m on the fence about this. I don’t really understand why they play it every morning, maybe to build up nationalism or something.

I think it should be fine, I mean you’re now the citizen of this country. I don’t believe our anthem has words in it that make it sound offensive. Truth north strong and free? Someone in the south being offended? Idgi LOL.

4) She also mentioned how it was stupid that if a group of white people beat on a black person, that’s a racist action. If a group of black people beat on a white person, it’s not racist. Is that so? It’s true that mostly more attention is paid when it is the other way around because people want to sell news and have ‘hate crime’ splashed across the page. But the thing is, I hear all the time that other races are racist towards so and so too. As an Asian person I hear ourselves going, “Yeah I’m pretty racist when it comes to ____.” A racist is a racist.

Am I supposed to feel bad about what she said? I don’t know. You do realize though that there isn’t such a group as like…the Asian supr3m@cy group or whatever though, right? We don’t make a group to look down on others thinking we’re above the rest here in Canada.

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