Tony Moly Galaxy GT Nail Polish – GT01 Mercury Review

This was their stock image for the product!

I’ve always loved glitter polishes when I was younger, but back then I couldn’t find one that wasn’t super chunky. When I saw this last year I immediately bought this colour and two others from this line! I wanted to have glittery nails for NYE too BWAHAHA! This one is GT01 Mercury. I was sort of surprised it was called Mercury because it doesn’t match the planet’s colour ::X_X::.

This one has a black polish with silver, blue, and a bit of red glitter mixed in. Just really beautiful!! I tried this one on first because I thought it wouldn’t be as impressive as the other two that I got, but once I applied it I was super impressed. I got a lot of compliments from my coworkers when I had this on ::^^::.

The formula was really good. It’s thick so you just have to apply one coat and it was already enough. I really dislike when I have to apply more than one coat because I feel like it takes more time and it’s easier for me to screw it up.

Surprisingly it lasted quite long on! Usually with nail polished I experience major chipping within a few days. Just wanted to mention though, I usually apply only a base coat so my nails don’t yellow. I hardly ever put on a top coat because it takes too long so keep waiting between layers. I think this lasted almost a week on. When I started to experience a tiny bit of chipping I added on a top coat and it seemed like it was never going to come off LOL.

The top two are under different lighting. Last one is with flash. Looks more better in real life.. LOL. I can’t capture it ::sweat2::.

Beautiful colours combined.
Great formula – only need one coat and doesn’t chip quickly.
Hard to remove like any other glitter polish.


On an unrelated note, today my site went down for some reason. Sometimes my domain registrar (? is that what it’s called LOL) would randomly delete my nameservers and put it their default ones instead. I went in to change it back but it took so long for the site to go back up again urghh -shakes fist-… I don’t know why it does that but it really annoys me.

Another note, I mentioned I think in January that I can’t update as often what with trying to work harder in school this term. I wasn’t going to update for the next two weeks, but I felt bad haha! So I wrote this entry up since I already took the pictures for it. Just a heads up if I don’t update until after March 23rd or so. I might surprise myself by squeezing in another entry or finish all my stuff quickly so I can update more heh!

3 thoughts on “Tony Moly Galaxy GT Nail Polish – GT01 Mercury Review”

  1. :D bwahahaha of course u got to update more hehehehe :O i haven’t tried the ones i purchased LOL :D hope ma mom will like it lol she looked at them and was like nail polish >__> u don’t even use em and i’m like :D FOR MOM’S USE :D me too lazy lol XD so hopefully she got to use em otherwise i’ll use em and make her want to use them lol :D don’t remember what i got tho LOL XD but it looks good to me :D

    1. I was kind of surprised you wanted to buy them for your mom cuz it’s so glittery LOL. Does she even wear those?? I know my mom hates putting on colourful/glittery ones since she thinks it’s weird for work. You got GT02 and GT05 ::^^:: I tried on GT05 for NYE and I just put that on again yesterday harhar ::kitty::

      1. LOL dude the mercury u got looks pretty sweet sauce :3 lol :D ma mom is so fashionista compared to me she doesn’t care bwahahaha but if anything she might paint her toe nails XD since spring is around the corner wait…FOCUS CARM FOCUS GET BAK TO UR SCHOOL WORK LOL

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