What Time Is It, My Dear Sir?

Watches have always been something that I liked wearing because I liked the look of it, not necessarily to check the time.. especially now that we have our cellphones with us all the time to check ::nervous::. Think it started from when I was young and I wanted a Sailor Moon watch really bad. I think I had a couple but then they started to run out of batteries and I was too lazy to wear them LOL! Not much has changed, I like them for their looks and then once they’re out of batteries I kind of forget about them ::X_X::. Although after I started working again I feel like I should wear one because it’s weird to keep going to the clock to check the time LOL ::sweat::!

Back then I used to like the slim, feminine watches. I still do, but I’ve grown to really like the big-faced, almost unisex looking, watches. Think I like the look of them on slim wrists harhar. I bought a BANC one 3 years ago, but it has run out of batteries and I still haven’t replaced it.

Been wanting ones like these now. I think my friend just got one though haha ::^^::.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn ones with a metal clasp instead of just a leather strap.

I can’t remember who, but I remember reading on my google reader that someone posted up an entry about Baby G watches. Thought it was Catalina (cl2425 on youtube), but I can’t seem to find the entry on her blog..so perhaps it was someone else. Not long after as I was trying to catch up on some Japanese fashion magazines though I started spotting them in there too! Their designs are a more sporty type, but I really like BGA-150/BGA-151 design.

BGA-130 is also pretty cute too, but a more sporty look.

Anyway here are the pages where it shows the watches~. Click to zoom in.
Vivi Jan 2012

Jelly Jan 2012

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