Happy Leap Year! // Petty Customer

Really, I just wanted to have an entry on February 29th… LOL!!

Anyway, give a “work story” to give this entry a little more meat hehe.

Some people are so petty LOL. At my work there’s apparently a policy where if you paid the majority of your purchase with a gift card then we can only refund the transaction back with a gift card. I’m not sure why they have that rule. Back then we refunded it the way the person paid, I’m not sure if it’s a new policy because of so many problems that arise when we do half and half or if we just never knew the policy existed until head office told us we were doing it wrong.

Apparently a girl came to our store and tried to do a return but we told her since she paid for most of it with a gift card we would have to give her back her money all on gift card. She was so upset that she looked like she was nearly going to bawl in the store. A couple days later she brought her mom with her and thus started her vicious cycle of incessant exchanges.

For our company we allow 30 days for refund and exchange. If you took off the tag, but the items seem okay and you still have the tag with you we will still do exchanges. We have no rule about how many times you can exchange however and we don’t mark the new receipt to show it was an exchanged item.

Every week the girl comes back with her mom to try on 10s of items to exchange for the items she just exchanged for last week. It’s getting really irritating. I’m sure she takes the tags off and keeps them, wears them for a while, and then comes back to exchange them. I wasn’t there when they told her she couldn’t return her items half in cash but does a person really have to go this far to get back at us??

2 thoughts on “Happy Leap Year! // Petty Customer”

    1. Yeah, but I’m pretty sure it’s her mom egging her on to do this. She didn’t even start doing this until her mom came along with her ::swirl::.
      I think maybe they don’t want their kids to be taken advantage of, so they treat us workers really mean sometimes. But come on, we act on the company’s rules. The business doesn’t belong to us ::sweat::

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