Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Cheek (#2 High Pixel and Orange) Review

Dannggg that is a long name for a product LOL. I’ve been using this for like a year and it’s what I always pick to use as my blush. I’m quite obsessed with using orange/coral coloured items ::X_X::.

Initially when I bought this I was yearning hard for the Jill Stuart one, but my wallet would die on me if I bought JS’. I then saw this Etude House blush and it reminded me of Jill Stuart’s and thought, “Why not try it? I might like it.” That I did, my friends, that I did ::^^::

The packaging is cute without being over the top. The colour is a deep plum with a soft pink outline and bow. LOVE the bow ::heart2::. There’s also a mirror so it’s really handy to bring around for a touch up. I’ve put it into my makeup bag many times and I’ve never had a problem with the packaging.

There’s 4 colours in total. Can be combined to be used together as a blush or you can use two as a highlighter and the other two for contouring. I actually just swirl my brush on all of them and use it as a blush. The colours are light, but buildable so don’t be afraid of using this orange/peachy colour as your blush! You won’t get an orange streak across your face haha!

It’s a matte blush which I like. I don’t really like shimmery ones because I feel like later I look oily. On top of that I feel like glittery stuff clogs up my pores :::(:: No problems with this blush on my skin.

For some reason I’m not really into wearing pink blush, I don’t know why. I feel like I look more..glowy.. and innocent with this on LOL! It matches more with simple eyeliner and mascara as opposed to a pink blush, at least for me. After a couple hours of wearing it, it really blends in and gives a glowy look. Usually blushes don’t last very long on me and just completely disappear. However, it does fade a bit and it’s not as vibrant as when I initially apply it.

I never tried out the brush that came along with it because I already have one I like to use as a blush brush.

* Cute packaging and comes with mirror that you can use when doing touch ups.
* Four colours for you to play around with to find a shade you like.
* Buildable.
* Does not have a very long wearing time.


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