1st Anniversary!

Hey everyone! Today’s the day of Wrapped in Lace’s birthday! I can’t believe it has already been a year since I’ve made this domain my home!! Time definitely passes by in the blink of an eye. January 21st was the official day that everything was registered and set up. I made my first actual post on the 24th though. Think I did around 89 entries since then! I’m quite proud hahaha ::bunneh:: I haven’t changed my layout at all.. are you tired of seeing it? haha! The thing is that I keep editing little things the whole time so now that I feel like I’m finally happy with everything, I feel like I need to change it because I’ve used it for so long LOL ::sweat:: !

I hope everyone will support me and my blog as they have in 2011 ::heart2:: . I don’t think I can top my 89 entries from last year since I really need to buckle down this year for school. Even so, I hope each entry will still be as enjoyable as all of my other ones!!

2 thoughts on “1st Anniversary!”

  1. LOL 2106 post in like what 2 weeks im a tumblr addict LOL good thing i don’t have a actual blog… i think i would have even a more hardcore addiction :cry:

    1. LOL! Yeah Tumblr I have a lot more posts but that’s because I just reblog things I like. I don’t have to think about what to type and edit/take pics for entries ::X_X:: So I like wasting time on Tumblr when I need a break from doing notes for school.. LOL

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