Current Obsessions — Jan 2012

Blarghh I thought I could be the one out of my friends that could escape being sick this year, but alas I have also fallen into the sick realm LOL ::tear:: . If I hadn’t gone to the thing on NYE I would’ve still been safe. Oh well.

I know these aren’t new and they’ve been around for, at least probably, 2 seasons more or less already but I’m still obsessed with them. Mainly because when they were first in style I have no money to invest in pieces so I chose not to think about it too much or I’ll just get depressed every time I think about it LOL ::nervous:: . Ever since I started working my parents pretty much make me pay for things on my own so all the makeup/skin care products I buy and clothing are all out of my own pocket and I make so little LOL.

Chunky sweater and chunky cardigans. I never really see them more oversized here, they’re usually more fitted. If I do see them they’re usually out of my budget @_@. I think Canada doesn’t have enough shops to choose from. Well no, that’s not true. We don’t have enough shops to choose from in my province.
Tie-Neck/Ribbon Blouse. I really, really want these and I never see these ones here *>_<* . They're just so feminine and can be worn alone or with a blazer or a cardigan.. Oversized Pocket Shorts. My work actually sold these for one season and they were a pretty good seller too. I’m not sure why they never sold it again. But then again I never bought them from my work because they were way too short for my taste. Now I never see them sold anymore. Nor do I see the more ripped up ones sold @_@. The weird thing is my work never sold those again, but they keep bringing back the coloured shorts that always have a ton left over so it always ends up getting marked down super low.
The clean, tailored look. Blazer, white button up (not in pic, but you know..) with jeans over top of it, and riding boots. I like, LOL.
Sheer Blouse. Eileen bought me one for Christmas when she was in Singapore!! I was so ecstatic LOL! I want one in white, black, and navy. White, down.. 2 more to go.


Lee Joon from MBLAQ. I saw him in a clip of a variety show and thought he looked cute but I never found out who he is. I stopped following kpop closely ever since the onslaught of cutesy girl groups came out because I just got really sick and tired of a bajillion of girl groups that all look alike and try too hard to be cute. Now I mostly just know the kpop groups, but I don’t know the members’ name nor would I be able to recognize their songs ::sweat2:: . I was watching this episode of Invincible Youth though and found out his name is Lee Joon haha!

Barbara Palvin. One of my girl crushes. She’s just so damn pretty ::X3:: Jealous~~

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