Season of Gift Wrapping War

After my abysmal gift wrapping last year (read: non-existent) because most of my gifts arrived through the mail on the day of our gift exchange, I thought this year I’d put more work into it. Not to mention, Ashley’s awesome wrapping last year pumped us all up for a gift wrapping war this year LOL. I spent way too much on wrapping supplies alone this year, but I’m glad my friends were all fond of their wrapped gifts – not so sure about the gifts themselves LOL. This year I decided to go for a Paris/vintage theme so I had fabric that had Paris/Eiffel Tower stamped onto it (bought like that, I didn’t make it LOL), twine that had gold/silver accents, etc.

I bought 2 pieces of face sheet mask each for my coworkers haha. My coworkers all seem to enjoy them. I bought ones that were specifically for moisture since Canadian winters are pretty harsh on the skin ::^^::. Did two designs on them. They either had a washi tape with tag or doily and tag. I bought more cucumber ones because I thought it’d ease them in better into trying the masks since it’s a common thing to have on skin. I was scared they might be like…honey on the face? So almost all the packets have at least a cucumber one inside.

Don’t mind my ugly writing on the packets on the left LOL. My friends were all making fun of me because everything else was so nicely wrapped and then you see that. I actually gave them all a clothesline with 3 pictures attached and two extra pins to add their own too. I had no idea how to wrap that up ::nervous:: . Was pretty much like, “Righttt….” -throws it into tissue paper and tape it-.

I was pretty ecstatic because my friends all saved the tag with their names on it LOL!!! I wrapped it and then wrote the name on top to remember whose is whose. I’m glad they appreciate it because every name I wrote I sat their in concentration to write it slowly and nicely LOLOL ::heart2:: ::heart2:: .

Oh and for the amazon box, the reason why it’s not wrapped is because it was put into an even bigger box that was huge and not really pictured by itself after. I was trolling my friend hahaha! The actual present was in one of smaller boxes like the other ones pictured. I think I put it into 4 boxes that went bigger and bigger in size. The actual present was inside the small box containing a Pandora box. I bought her a ’21st Birthday’ charm haha! I was so nervous because I was initially going to buy the snowflake charm since my best friends and I are all born during the winter months (November/December). While shopping with her though she mentioned she wanted the 21 charm so I bought that one instead. It was after I bought it that she mentioned that she might ask for that as a Christmas present from her mom. I was panicking hahaha! She kept mentioning it so I actually Facebook messaged her sister to ask her to help me. I asked her for a favor, if Ashley asked for the 21 charm can she and her family not buy it. Her sister helped me out so each time Ashley asked for it they were like, “Is there anything else you want..?” haha!

I was like having a heart attack in the car one day when she told me her sister bought her a Pandora charm. Leen and I froze because I also told Leen about it. Ashley was like waving her Pandora bracelet around and I was eying everything quickly to see if there was a ’21’ dangling. But then she was like, “She bought me a love boo-tay” Leen and I laughed so hard. We imagined a bum with LOVE imprinted on it. It turned out Ashley said ‘love bouquet’ ::heart1:: ::heart3:: .

And then another day she was like, “My mom bought me a charm.” Seriously her family was giving me heart attacks LOL. I was like, “OMG why they do this to meeeeee!?!?” each time Ashley announced something of the like. Turns out her mom bought her a Tiffany blue charm. Cannot tell you the relief I felt when it was time for us to exchange gifts and I was the only one that got it for her LOL. Ashley was like, “OMG no wonder why no one would buy it for me! And it’s too loner-ish to buy it for myself.”

This year Ashley did silver wrapping with Christmas characters and Leen did silver wrapping with snowflakes! Leen even color-coordinated our presents. I was gold & silver, Ashley was pink & silver ( you can kind of see the bigger box I put Ashley’s Pandora charm into LOL), and Connie was silver & purple, I believe! I was pretty spoiled in presents this year ^^.

So school is going to start again and my goal for this year is to focus more on school and spend a lot less time fooling around on the computer. Aside from doing assignments I’m hoping to cut down on my computer usage. If I don’t do as many entries that will be my excuse! I will definitely try and learn to divide my time better though to blog regularly even with school, but.. we’ll see how it goes LOL. Whenever I have some free time I’ll try to do a couple entries so it’s not left barren haha! I need to try things with baby steps because I know I can’t expect big things to happen at once. One entry takes me at least an hour and usually more, so I hope you guys understand when I can’t crank them out as regularly.

2 thoughts on “Season of Gift Wrapping War”

  1. :D I was actually a multitude of colors bwahahahahaha XD lol. :D I hope that you’ll be super focused too :3 can’t necessarily help you, but GAMBATTE ::>_o:: :D I won’t hammer you for entries but I’ll definitely be pining in the corner for one lol. :D Awwww the materials were so awesome bwahahahahaha D: I wish I didn’t have to open the presents :D then they would have been kept it great shape forever lol. ::nervous:: :3

    1. Yeah, so far I think i’m on top of my readings and notes @_@.. But it’s just the start of the term.. We shall see how it goes later on in the term LOL.We will never finish the Princess drama HAHA ::sweat:: ::sweat:: Yeah I feel bad too when presents are all nicely wrapped and I have to rip it apart ::^^::

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