After being on Tumblr for over a year I feel like I kind of know what Tumblr is mostly about. I’m typing this with a bemused/frustrated tone ::X_X:: so don’t mistake this entry as me bitching LOL. I still enjoy Tumblr a lot, but these are the negatives.

1. Emo Kids.
Tumblr is where people who are depressed reside. Probably 80% of the people I follow reblog some depressing picture or quote. Or else they blog about how they’re depressed. The internet is where I go to relieve stress and the last thing I want is to scroll through my dashboard to all these kids talking about how depressing their life is and how they want to die. Not that I’m saying they shouldn’t express their feelings but they do it daily, 10 times a day or something. On top of that, sometimes they post cutting pictures. Please.. go seek help if you go that far. I usually try not to reblog depressing pictures or quotes because I don’t want to scroll through my Tumblr and get all depressed again.. LOL.

2. Cliques
Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT talk about Tumblr on Facebook. If you join Tumblr, that is the unwritten law. You get your cyber ass handed to you if you do so. Someone on your f-list will probably screencap that shiet up, post it onto Tumblr, and let others shun you from Tumblr society. They say Tumblr is where you go to get away from it all. Which is why they made up their own clique and shun Facebook kids away. Popular, annoying clique vs the unloved, annoying clique. Who wins?! No but seriously.. some people need to not be so serious about this stuff LOL.

3. Anon Love
You have your ask box open? Are questions from anonymous users allowed? Do you have a relatively large following on Tumblr? Yeah well, get ready for some unwanted, rude questions statements from people either with a stick up their ass or have no life and want to snoop. You post a picture up? I shall tell you how ugly you look. You reblog pictures you like on your own blog? I shall tell you how it does not fit my taste therefore it should not be reblogged. You have a large following? I shall suck up and tell you how much I love you without anon on so I shall get love from said blogger.

4. Spam/Chain Mail 2.0
If you do not reblog this crap your mother will die tomorrow. Don’t risk this shit, man. —> 1 million reblogs.
If you love God don’t be afraid to reblog this crap. Show your faith. —> 1 million reblogs.
Send a ♥ to 10 Tumblr’s ask box to show how much you want to get in bed with them. If you get a ♥ back that means your chances of receiving STD’s is 148% higher. —> Receive a shit ton of spam on your dashboard when people just have the need to publish it.
Rate my blog that has the same pictures reblogged as the other 20 that asked you to rate theirs. —> Receive another shit ton of spam on dashboard because of famewhores.
Seriously people, I thought I escaped this sort of stuff after it was out of style on hotmail.. LOL.

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