NYE 2011

Totally jacked this picture off Ashley's tumblr harhar.

Harro everybody! I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Years Eve/New Year! Let the new year help everyone start with a clean new slate! Or if 2011 treated you well, I hope that continues on into 2012 for you!

Originally both my besties and I were going to go the NYE Countdown, but Leen came down with the stomach flu. So sad that it happened right on the day we were all going out :::(:: especially how it’s NYE haha, bad way to ring up the New Year. Think because I was lacking sleep the alcohol hit me so much faster this time around LOL. Ash and I sat right in front of all the alcohol on her counter to get wasted faster LOL! Such a funny image. I barely drank that much and I was already buzzed while waiting for the ride to the rave. It’s okay though because I wanted to get drunk that night so it just saved me money so I don’t have to spend it all at the bar there LOL!.

No one wanted to do coat check because the line for it is way too long so all of us were freezing I swear it was at least -10°C (14°F) that night. We all took off our jackets and left it in the car because A drove us there. I guess it’s also probably good that Leen didn’t come because A drives a Mini Cooper and we just fit into his car.. LOL. Even then it was sort of forced because I think it only has space for 2 people in the back so T was like, “Tell me if there are cops and I’ll bend down!” haha! We got out of the car and we were instantly all dying from the cold.

Was a fun night. At one point Ash’s sickness came back so she was feeling nauseous and we had to sit down for the rest of the duration. That and the fact that the bar closed slowly made me sober again. When we were sitting down this guy came and sat beside me. Okay, I don’t know why but I find it hilarious and always want to see what they’re going to say that makes them think girls will go home with them LOL. So while my friends are extremely turned off and give excuses for them to go away, I’m finding things extremely entertaining. The guy asked why we were just sitting down and not drinking and dancing. Ashley told him that she was feeling nauseous and I told him the bar’s closed. I couldn’t really hear him but I think that he said something like, “Yeah I know right! I have some whiskey in my car though.”

He asked to drink from out water bottles but Ashley took hers away saying she was sick and I gave him mine because I wasn’t going to drink anymore anyways. Ash like nabbed it after and put it on the ground anyways LOL! He kept offering us his drink right after. Had like two cups of something. I almost took a sip because I was still drunk and wasn’t fully thinking. I could see Ash’s eyes like widen beside me though and my brain was finally like, “Don’t take a drink from a stranger!” LOL. He kept offering and we declined so he got pissed. I heard him say, “You guys suck.” But Ashley said he said that we’re f–ked. Why??? Because we won’t take your drink?? hahaha.

I honestly didn’t even hear people counting down. I just saw confetti falling and was like o_O It’s new years??

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    1. Yeah maybe one day you should come LOLOL!! I was dying in my dress though while waiting to get in. One of the most horrible times ever. ::^^::

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