Wrapped in Knit (Korean Shopping Sites Haul) Part I

I really needed some new winter clothing so I kind of based my purchases on my current obsessions! Well, I bought these stuff in December, but they were still on mind during then too haha!

I was trying to decide between Minnetonka Tramper Boots or riding boots, but when I went to the shoe store that carries the Tramper Boots here I couldn’t find them! I wanted to try them out before I buy them since people said you should go a size down. So I bought these instead ::nervous:: I realized after that they’re supposed to be an imitation of Tory Burch’s riding boots. The TB ones though are a solid brown and I think not as smooth looking because TB ones are real leather.

I just really liked this pair because the sole is FINALLY a pair that has good grips. You cannot believe how many pairs of boots I keep getting disappointed over because the sole is just smooth and I wouldn’t last a day without falling with those on in the winter time. A pair that looks nice with good grips is a miracle. Also, the inside is fur-lined! Well, faux fur of course ::GAH::

Everytime I have my hair cut short, I immediately regret it. I think because my hair is thin and flat, it just looks even more obvious when I have it cut shorter. That and I look like a little girl ::tear:: (and sometimes end up a major fob)! So I wanted to get some extensions to get my long hair back. My hairdresser never listens when I say I want a trim  :::(:: . I got Dark Brown. It’s weird because it says you should be able to apply heat onto the hair but when my friend tried to curl it it won’t work  ::sweat2::.

The length is also very long. I haven’t had hair this long since probably grade 6 I think, so it takes some getting used to. I was thinking of maybe trimming off an inch or two since it can’t curl (I wanted that length so I can curl it =_=) but I’m afraid of doing that LOL. What if I trimmed it really bad??? Other than that though, the extensions are really nice. Doesn’t look super shiny like some fake ones. I’ll put up a picture when I’m not so sick. I look like crap nowadays because of school and being sick on top of it >_>

I really wanted an oversized cardigan and it looked so darn cute on the model I immediately put it under my “to buy” list. When I tried it on though it was humongous on me!! I don’t know if it’s because the model is super tall or it’s the way she’s wearing it, but I totally drown in it. I think it goes all the way down to my knees, can’t remember. I’ll have to check it out again when I actually dress up. If it doesn’t fit me does someone want to buy it off me? LOL. Or else it shall just stay in my closet and be folded there for eternity.

I needed some oversized sweaters too for the winter~. The beige one is a little itchy ::swirl:: . I am in love with the grey one though. I was so in love with it I bought the whole outfit LOLOL… so bad… Here’s a picture of me wearing the beige one during my Christmas get together with friends. I barely have any full body shots because I don’t have a full length mirror so this is the best I can do to show you the sweater HAHA. I’m also wearing the shorts and tights that I bought (shorts are below, tights will be in next post).

And the stock images below of course~.

So I wanted to stock up on some wool shorts for the winter too and I made such a bad mistake. I wanted to see the difference in quality from Sechuna and TomnRabbit so I bought shorts from both of them. Originally I was going to get black in this pair but then when I was looking at all the colours available it showed this one. I couldn’t tell what it was!! LOL. I put the colours into Google Translate and they all translated fine EXCEPT this colour. I think it said Painterly or something. So.. I chose it LOLOL. Stupid, right? Anyway, when I took it out of its wrapping I realize it was forest green!! I guess I don’t mind since it’s dark, but I have no idea why I didn’t just pick black. Can you guys tell from the picture above? When I looked back on the stock photos on the site I was like, “Huh…..I guess it is forest green.”

Quality-wise it is good. Quite cute, but it is also a bit loose on me. They don’t have XS, only S, M, L so this one ended up a bit loose. If anyone wears a size 2 or 3 in skinny jeans and wants this pair, let me know. I usually wear size 1 in skinnies or I think around a 25/26?? Can measure the pants for you if you would like. Or else I’ll just keep it and belt it, I guess if no one’s interested  ::nervous::  .

Bought this pair in both colours because I loved it a lot and wanted one in black and one in grey depending on what outfit I’m wearing  ::heart3::. This one fit me just right!  Thank god because I bought them in both colours LOL!

Since this post is super long I shall be cutting it into two parts! More for you guys to read too :::D:: !

In case anyone is wondering where everything is from:
Extensions: Pinkage
Boots/Black & Grey Shorts/Grey Sweater: TomnRabbit
Oversized Cardigan/Beige Sweater: Qnigirls
Forest Green Shorts: Sechuna

I help my friends order off Korean sites from time to time so I’m willing to offer to help anyone else that might be interested. Just email me at for info.

1st Anniversary!

Hey everyone! Today’s the day of Wrapped in Lace’s birthday! I can’t believe it has already been a year since I’ve made this domain my home!! Time definitely passes by in the blink of an eye. January 21st was the official day that everything was registered and set up. I made my first actual post on the 24th though. Think I did around 89 entries since then! I’m quite proud hahaha ::bunneh:: I haven’t changed my layout at all.. are you tired of seeing it? haha! The thing is that I keep editing little things the whole time so now that I feel like I’m finally happy with everything, I feel like I need to change it because I’ve used it for so long LOL ::sweat:: !

I hope everyone will support me and my blog as they have in 2011 ::heart2:: . I don’t think I can top my 89 entries from last year since I really need to buckle down this year for school. Even so, I hope each entry will still be as enjoyable as all of my other ones!!

Banila Co. Let Me Start Makeup Essence (Photogenic) Review

Meet the specialized product for-skin. This fine and soft make-up essence leaves the skin satin-smooth and comfortable.

It was super hard to find information on this product!! Above was what was on the box so it’s super fob LOL! I can’t even put their info page through google translate for a rough translation of what it is and what it does. I ended up asked a friend who asked a friend to help me translate what this does LOL!! Thanks ::^^:: !! This is a rough translation, but at least it gives us an idea of what it does.

"Moisturizes skin and prevents makeup from fading. Prevents makeup from sinking into fine lines and pores. Good for hiding pores and wrinkles and will provide you with a glowing, moisturized complexion. It's an essence + makeup base + sunscreen all in one. The pink one will give your skin a soft, peachy colour. The green one will help conceal red spots and brighten your complexion. The original gives a natural, youthful, and healthier look for your skin.

How to use:
Apply mist to face prior to application for moisture. Shake essence before using and apply all over the face.
Tip: Can be used alone or mixed with other skincare products."

I hope this will help other people out when it comes to this product! I think this product is supposed to be applied before your actual primer. I’m not really sure what the difference is between the two. Would a person be able to use just one or the other? That I’m not really sure, but I myself apply it under my primer. If you’re a reader that tried this out, let us know how you use it! Did I feel like it worked? Yes and no.

When I tried it out with my Lancome primer (La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer Smoothing Effect – Oil Free), it didn’t seem to have any extra effect. Because my Lancome one is a silicon-based primer it already spreads across my face smoothly and provides an easier surface for my foundation to go on. Nor did I see a longer wear with the essence on under it.

I have yet to try this essence out on its own though so if I ever do, I’ll update this entry with my results. When I first apply it, it does seem to provide a little bit of extra moisture to the skin. I would imagine because of that that, it would help with an easier application of a base onto the skin as opposed to no primer.

There seemed to be no significant differences until I decided to try it again with Banila Co.’s own primer. I swear I did that before and it didn’t seem to do anything either but I recently tried it again and it seems to actually provide longer wear for my makeup! I’m not sure what changed since then. When I wore their own primer with this essence again, I would go out to work or school, come back, and I would barely see any difference compared to how it was in the morning right after it was just applied! Definitely impressed ::!!2::

I have the blue one.. or green as it said on the site (swear it’s blue >_> LOL), also known as “Photogenic”. When I put it on it definitely brightens up the face a bit, but I don’t think it’s as thick/pigmented as ones like Makeup Forever’s green primer to actually conceal redness. It may tone it down a tad, but not enough to cover it up. It may or may not be a good thing because too much coverage with coloured primers can make a person look.. too ashy.

Let Me Start Make-up Essence is a bit more on the watery side. When spread across the face, there will not be an oily sheen on the face because it’s watery enough to absorb quickly into the skin. Really easy to spread.

The only qualm I have about this product is the smell. I am bit fond of their primer’s scent, but I really don’t like this one. I can’t explain it.. it’s like a bit sour or something. Like..pee.. HAHA. Not asss bad, but it’s in that territory. Which is obviously not something you would want a product to smell like. I think that’s what it smells like… whatever it is, they really need to scent this one or something to hide it because that really brings the product down for me.

The packaging is quite nice. I feel like I’m holding onto a nice product because it’s in a glass jar so there’s a certain heaviness when carrying it. It also has a pump so you don’t have to dip your finger into anything. Comes with a lid too so the overall packaging makes it sturdy enough to put into your makeup bag in your purse.

Oh and also, it suggests that you mix it with BB cream too! So if you’re a BB cream user that finds your BB cream to be a bit thick or hard to spread or maybe it dries out your skin, mix it in a 1:1 ratio! I’ll also report back on that if I try it out. (02/2012 Edit// I haven’t tried it out with BB Cream but I got a chance to try it out with some of my liquid foundations. It definitely does its job! The foundations I used to mix with the essence usually sinks into my skin and makes it look flaky when it’s dry or just makes it look even drier. When I mix it in it gives a nice, flawless look though ♥.)

* Provide longer wear for makeup.
* Brightens the face up.
* Good packaging – hygienic and sturdy.
* Has SPF, albeit a bit low (15 SPF)
* May not work with all primers.
* Bad smell, may turn people off forever from using this.
* Coverage for red spots may not be high enough.