Kiss My Boo Boo All Better :(

Went out yesterday night to go get something to eat with my friends. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking after my friend opened the passenger door and I totally slipped on a mysterious patch of ice. Hurt sooo bad. I’ve had my fair share of slips during the winter time, but it’s always when there’s a bunch of snow and ice under and I fell on my butt. This time around I slipped forward on a tiny patch of ice on cement.

My worst ones were when I fall on my back HARD. I had to lie there for a bit before I could force myself to get up. This time my knee was hurting like forever ::wahh::. When I stood up I could feel pain bouncing around the area. I had my phone in my hand at the time too so I dropped on my knees and then my hands came down to support, but I had my phone so I sort of landed on my thumb -_-^. Thankfully..I guess… my knees already took most of shock so my hands were just for balance at that point so my thumb is fine.

This is how the knee that took the most damage looks like now. I woke up and I thought it wasn’t going to get black but now just like 2 hours after I’m awake it’s starting to darken. The middle is like all pink because it got scraped. I’m going to guess it’s going to get darker during work.

Think I’m going to wear tights under my dress because my legs look so gross now LOL :(..

zomg.. look at it now T_T (Nov 29)