Kanebo KATE Super Sharp Liner Review

A pen-type eyeliner equipped with a very fine tip allows precise application on both the upper and lower lash lines without smudging. The sheer and buildable color goes on smoothly, creating an easy and natural daytime look with subtle definition. The sharp tip evenly lines the eyes, while the long-lasting formula stays put even on oily lids. By Kate.

I read a really good review on this liner and really wanted to give it a go but I was still quite hesitant. Liquid liners seemed a bit harder to control for me compared to the other types of liners however I really like the clean look of it. I tried gel liners, which also seem good but I don’t know.. I think the weather here is too cold and the gel always seems to get hard real fast. It was too much of a hassle to use a blow dryer on it to warm it up.

I was also scared that it’ll smudge because I have oily lids and weird double lids. My double lids kind of get covered so it’ll smudge a line onto the top of my eyelid =_=. I gave it a try anyway because I liked the amount of control it seemed to possess. I only do more natural makeup most of the time so I needed a liner that could give me a ‘barely there’ look.

This was the answer to my call! The tip is thin enough to let me draw a nice thin line and if I prefer I could draw it bigger. It’s soft enough to curve along with your pull but not so much that it gets out of hand.

I would’ve thought it would run out with only 0.7mL but even with frequent use it’s still going strong. I will say again though, I usually do a more natural look so I don’t go heavy with the eyeliner usage. Still, it’s been over a year and I haven’t had it run out yet! The pen is a comfortable length so if I go closer to the mirror I won’t like knock it into the mirror and then into my eye.. LOL.

The problem with it I guess you can say is that it’s not a pure black. My friend mentioned it seemed a bit grayish when she was applying it on me one night when we were both getting ready for a night out. I didn’t really notice it before that, but yeah I guess it is. So if you’re looking for a really black liner, you might not be happy with this one. You will need to go over it a couple times for it to be more dark.

Another drawback would be how tough it is to completely remove. Even when I put remover onto a cotton pad and leave it on my eye to help it loosen up you can still see a shadow of where it was. Generally, I don’t have a problem with this because when I wake up and wash my face it would completely disappear, maybe it’s from my lids oiling up during the night. I don’t get pimples from that because it’s not like it was clogging up my pores. However, I think with cleansing oil it comes off completely. At least it has with the new one I’ve tried these couple of days.

* Great control both in size and tip style.
* Good for natural looks.
* Lasting time is quite good.
* Not a pure black.
* A harder time to remove.


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