Innisfree Windy Lip Balm (Tangerine) Review

I got this when it first came out because I am always in search of a good lip gloss. I don’t see this on the site anymore, only the pink one so I’m not sure if they got rid of it. I think Innisfree is going through a major overhaul of their products. A bunch of stuff I liked from them seem to be discontinued and have been replaced with their new stuff. I hate that *><* This lip balm is under their eco-line so 20% of the ingredients are apparently organic. I'm guessing that another thing this line boasts is that they use a lot of their own ingredients available mostly in Jeju Island hence the 99% natural origin tag. WLB reminds me of a product from C.O. Bigelow (the product available at Bath & Body Works): "My Favorite Lip Balm". I'm not a fan of MFLB so I have to say that I am also not a fan of WLB. Both products look like oil when it is squeezed and so it's super slick on the lips. Although it looks like it's glossy it's actually not. I feel almost like it's just a layer of oil on top of my chapped lips. It doesn't do much else except lay there. Most of the time I end up eating most of it. I'm not sure how but it always ends up sliding into my mouth and I probably ingest more than my lips take in. The worst thing about that is that while half is probably ingested, the other half that gets absorbed doesn't help moisturize the lips. In fact, I would venture to say that it makes my lips more dry than if I just left my chapped lips alone. Just like MFLB =_=. The only plus I would say for the product is the scent. A light orange scent so when it ends up in your mouth it won't be like you're eating butt or something. The only time I use it is when I'm putting on foundation so if any ends up kind of on the edge of my lips I can easily wipe it off afterwards. And another thing, look at the third picture. I'm sorry for the bad focus, but I didn't have time to put a white background behind to make it focus better. That's how much product is in the tube though. I probably used it once or twice before I took that photo. I find it so annoying when thing are like that!! It's a new product.. I shouldn't have to squeeze this hard for the product to come out ::GAH:: . 1/5 PS. Zomg I typed up so much and it totally deleted like 3 of my paragraphs, I don't even know when. So I had to retype it all back out ::D:::