Kanebo KATE Covering Concealer for Under Eyes Review

After my first trip to Vancouver with friends and I took a look at our pictures I was instantly appalled at the super, dark circles under my eyes and I knew I needed to look for an under eye concealer. It was such a pain to edit all the photos to take away our dark circles. I think none of us got enough sleep while there. While doing a Japanese makeup haul I decided to pick up this tube from KATE.

It comes in a squeeze tube so there’s no need to dip my fingers in anything. The mouth is small enough so that a nice amount comes out and I don’t have to be afraid of squeezing way too much and not knowing what to do with the rest.

One tube has 10g and it lasts me forever. Less is more with makeup usually so when using it I definitely have to start off light and just add a thin layer by thin layer if I needed more coverage or else it would cake up.

The formula isn’t particularly hydrating nor does it dry my skin out. However, if you do have dry skin around your eyes it will probably show up so do moisturize your eye area properly. Also, if you have fine lines it might not be a super pick. When I first put it on it covers nicely, but after an hour or so it does sink into fine lines ::tear:: . It still lasts throughout the day for me though and it seems to match my skintone perfectly.

If you don’t have fine lines around the eyes I’d say go for it. When I finish this I’ll probably search around to see how other under eye concealers are though.