My Supposed Sony Ericsson Obsession

While searching up on what phone to get and then deciding to get the Xperia Pro, I realized that I’ve been loyal customer of Sony Ericsson’s phones! Actually my family has a lot of Sony products haha! Yes, yes I know SE technically isn’t completely Sony. From our TVs to our old Vaio desktop (we switched it in early 2011 I think) to all of our cellphones! The Xperia Pro is my third phone and all three have been Sony Ericsson. To be fair, for the first one I didn’t pick it. My parents got it for me because it inconvenient when I didn’t have one since I couldn’t let them know that I was out with friends instead of going straight home after school. Anyway, thought I’d post sort of an overview on my phone history and a little comparison between them all?

That’s Alan’s hand right there  :::3::

The camera was, of course, bad quality like most other phones at the time. I had this phase though where I used it because I was thinking, “YAY camera on the go!” After a couple months of that though I realized how crappy the pictures looked ::^^:: .

They had this program that let you make your own little midi to use as a ringtone. Alan and I never used it.. but you know, when you’re dying of boredom while adults talk or something.. it comes in handy LOL. I’m sure they got rid of this because nobody would have any use for that anymore since we all use mp3s ::nervous:: .

I don’t know what was wrong with it but I turned it off one night and the next day it just wouldn’t turn on at all! Luckily, my contract was almost done so they let me switch it.

Got the Sony Ericsson W580i after. Although the phone itself wasn’t super new at the time, the red one was new in my city. It only came in white and black at the start and then later on they released the pink and red. I see on the wiki page it says it has a green version, but I’ve never seen it sold here? Even now I still like it. I know a lot of people nowadays look down on regular phones, but I’ve always like the sleek look of the 580.

The bottom of the phone has a slight curve so it makes for a more comfortable hold on the phone and also easier to slide it open. The sides of the phone and the two button on either side of the main control button lights up to different colours which you can customize.

This was also a part of the Walkman line and with much better integration than the old ones. The main control in the middle has the play/pause, skip, etc. buttons. There was again a Walkman logo so you can jump right into the player easily. You can also shake the phone to change the song.. I never really liked that feature because it doesn’t always seem to work. Perhaps I’m not shaking it hard enough?

The main problems I had with it still existed – the bulky antenna and the headphone jack attached to it!! Another big problem reared its ugly head at this point too which wasn’t Sony Ericsson’s fault though! Rogers (whom I switched to from Fido) had locked it so that you couldn’t just move .mp3 files into your phone to play! Which means you’re left with the only option of downloading music from them instead ::XO::

Thankfully, I found a workaround for that problem albeit a very time-consuming one ::sweat:: . I had to download SE’s DRM Packager to, I guess, trick Rogers into thinking the music was bought through their store, by protecting the song. And because the memory card didn’t have as much storage as I would’ve liked I had to convert the .mp3 file to a smaller size :::(:: . Hey, I was a poor, young kid haha! Had to make do with what I got. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember if the one I got from Fido was also like that? Well either way, I got a job later on and went halfsies with my parents on an iPod Touch so I just didn’t care anymore.

I’ve always seemed to enjoy both my SE phones because I felt like they had everything. Like the little things: notes, calendar, calculator, etc.; to the bigger, flashier things: walkman, pedometer, fitness tracker. Yeah it amused me to sorta see how many steps I took that day. I never really tried out the fitness stuff though because I don’t think I want to carry my cell with me anyway even if I did that what with my clumsy tendencies to drop my phone ::GAH:: .

Which brings me to another thing, I have dropped this phone like a billion times and NOTHING has ever gone wrong with it. I mean sometimes if it dropped hard enough, the back cover for the battery comes off but then you just stick it back on and it’s as good as new. One time it dropped on gravel though and it kind of chipped a tiny bit off the white part at the top this year but everything else about my phone looks as good as new and runs perfectly fine.

I had downloaded a couple different themes and games onto the phone when I had it haha kept me entertained before I had my iPod Touch. I remember when the iPhone just came out and everything. I was pretty appalled that a smartphone couldn’t copy and paste ::blink:: .. LOL. On top of that, outside of iOS products, it won’t even let you bluetooth images nor music while I was doing that with my friends frequently even on my old SE phone! Which would mean you either have to go somewhere with wifi to email or MMS it or else do it with data.

My current phone: the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro. Customization. Fido only carries the black one  ::sweat:: . I wanted to see if they had other colours available to see if I like them more.. guess not. This phone, like my old ones, gives you the option of changing its theme and also comes along with 7 default themes. You can, of course, set your own wallpaper. The thing I don’t like about the Xperia’s wallpaper option is how it likes to crop the pictures. Even if you have a wallpaper that should seemingly fit perfect, it won’t. It will tell you to crop it into an almost-square shape. Cannot tell you how annoying that is. Reminds me of WLM’s themes where it resizes the picture you choose. Although I THINK, this might be because they rotate your picture when you have it sideways so they want it to be able to fit both ways.

Before I move on, I just wanted to mention while I’m comparing it to my older phones, I’ll also be comparing it to the iOS. I don’t have an iPhone (only an iPod Touch and not the most recent one either) so some of the things I mention might not be true for the iPhone or not true any more for the recent iPhone. I learned while playing with the phone that the Android phones do not have a screenshot setting!! What is that about?!? Screenshots. I wanted to take screenshots to show everyone so I pressed the Power + Home button and it turned off the screen LOL. I googled it after and realized I would have to download an app for it. The even more annoying part was that you have two options even with an app: 1) You would have to hook  it up to your computer and click to take a screenshot from there OR 2) Root my phone (equivalent of jailbreaking). The problem with that is that I also read it’s much harder to set it back to factory settings after you’ve rooted your phone unlike jailbreaking.

I did read during my quest to search for a way to screenshot, that SE actually released updates to phones to be able to natively take a screenshot without relying on an app. That update came along with some other stuff like 3D Panorama shots. The thing is I still haven’t been receiving any updates! WHEN IS IT COMING FOR MY PHONE *>_<* . Well, if you have Android 2.3.4 (?) you take a screenshot by holding down the power button and then the option will appear asking what you would like to do. So if they ever give my phone the upgrade I'll post some screenshots up I guess @_@. Profiles. One thing I noticed about this phone and my old one is that the profiles option isn’t there anymore. Users of old SE, I think, had the option of setting a profile like “Meeting”, “In car”, etc. which was really convenient for me because going from school, to work, to home sometimes required my phone to be at a different setting. In class, I would only want the phone to be on vibrate so I know when people are contacting me without the whole class knowing. In the library I would set it on silent and put it in front of me so I can see when the screen flashes to let me know someone is contacting me without the vibration annoying others around me. At home I might set the ringtone on so I can hear it without being in the same room. It can be solved by downloading an app for profiles, but I just find it weird how they got rid of that.

Ringtones/Music. The vibration on this phone, to me, feels like it’s barely existent. Sometimes if I have headphones on or the phone is in my bag, I would not be able to tell it vibrated. That’s when I receive text messages. It’s more noticeable when it’s a phone call since it’s vibrating for a longer period of time. The volume for the ringtones are fine, but I barely ever put my phone to that feature because I have a tendency to forget to switch it back to vibrate. I wish that the vibration was harder so it’s easier to tell.

Users are able to easily drag and drop music into the phone. There is no lock on that like my old phone so no more converting!! -hallelujah!!- It’s also nice to be able to just drag and drop because I really hate going through itunes… takes long to load up and it’s so ugly. Apple fanboys can love it all they want.. but I still hate it.

Keyboard/Typing. It took a little getting used to because I was used to the more older way of typing on the phone (keypad?). I think I had a brain fart and couldn’t tell when it was on caps-lock so I kept pressing the button and yeah… dumb move on my part LOL. Anyway, it’s shown at the upper right corner of the screen whether you’re on lowercase or uppercase and it also shows when you’ve put it onto symbols. Having a physical keyboard was one of the reason why I bought this phone. Some of the most popular smartphones are completely touchscreen and I just dislike typing a lot on those. The keyboard on the Xperia Pro is comfortable to use. I don’t really have petite, girly hands and I can type fine without pressing other buttons.

Pulling out the keyboard would automatically switch the screen to landscape whether you actually hold it sideways or not. The buttons are all lighted up so you can type perfectly fine in the dark too.

If you would like you can type with the onscreen keyboard instead. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like it’s not really that good at detecting which letter you’re pressing. The touchscreen keyboard on my iPod Touch has better detection. I’m not really sure if I can turn it off, but it also vibrates each time I press a letter while typing so that gets a bit annoying. It also does that when you slide your finger across the screen to unlock your phone or you hold down an icon on the home screen. I’ll have to search up on that later on.

You can switch between different languages on the keyboard quite easily. It’s the same way on the iOS. On the onscreen keyboard it says EN and you just press that and the button beside it lets you select the setting for the new language. On the physical keyboard there’s a globe button that does the same thing. Something that Android phones should add in is a native setting to switch to other languages like Chinese for the keyboard. That’s a major thing for businessmen and women that are looking for a smartphone and can be the deciding factor between buying an iOS phone and an Android phone ::swirl:: . I know a lot of people in my family would prefer paying for an iPhone instead because of that.

Android has apps that does that but it seems that none of the Chinese input apps have a good handwriting feature. The one on iPhones have that and they detect the characters really well! I downloaded probably around 3 or 4 different Chinese input apps with the handwriting feature and all of them pretty much sucked at knowing what characters were written. The thing is, I would understand if it was me doing the writing since I’m a total noob, but my mom’s handwriting just wouldn’t register!! It just kept showing symbols (} , . !) instead of characters it thinks she’s writing ::sweat::. My mom would write the same way on the iPhone 4 and it would register. I know most younger generations probably learned pinyin so they’d prefer to just use that, but they shouldn’t forget about the handwriting feature~~

On the iPhone there’s also a shortcut where you can just double tap the spacebar and it will automatically put a period and space after your sentence. I kind of miss that. When I type on the physical keyboard it’s not a problem, but it’s a tiny annoyance when I’m using the touchscreen one.

Browser. I read some comments about how Safari is faster than the browser on the Android, but I felt the opposite. I was surprised by how fast it would load my pages compared to Safari. Aside from the usual way of zooming in and out by pinching the screen or pushing fingers apart, they have a “-” and “+” button at the bottom that you can use. I do find that when I double tap on a page to zoom in, it does it slower than the iOS, but that was about it.

To refresh on the Android I have to press the option button to pull that up. I’m not really a fan of that because I’m used to it being beside the stop-X button. On the topic of what the Android does and does not have compared to the iOS.. it doesn’t have a ‘Back to the Top” button. I cannot tell you how much that annoys me!! All the other things I mentioned above is fine, but how can you not have that?? Flicking the screen like crazy to go back to the top is soo annoying!! On the iOS you just tap the top/address bar.  With that said though, they do have a lot of other things that I love, for example, you can find text on a page! That was something the iOS was sorely missing. When you’re on a big page of text it is a pain to look for that one word. There is a way around it through a javascript bookmarklet, but it still doesn’t help me jump to the word, just highlights it. However, I think they’ve since added that feature onto Safari… finally… as always.

You can also check your downloads like on Firefox or Chrome. I don’t really use that feature on the phone, but it’s nice to have haha. They also give you a really easy way to share the page you’re on with others. Just press Share Page under the options and it will give you the choice of how you may want to share it (email, twitter, etc.).

Apps. The Android Market feels pretty empty. Going from the App Store to the Android Market makes me feel like I’m moving from a mansion to a shack LOL. I think it’s only better for the app developers who has more freedom. AM allows apps that requires a rooted device to function, while the App Store wouldn’t allow apps directed at jailbroken devices, so there’s Cydia for that instead. Think there’s a good and bad in that. I feel like the apps in the AS are more put together while lots of apps in the AM seem out of date and broken. The people responsible for them don’t really seem to care, at least that’s what I feel like I’m getting.

Default Apps. For some reason my phone comes with a ton of useless apps that I can’t seem to get rid of. My iPod Touch had it’s default ones too, but the Android seems to be going overboard. Think there’s around 2 pages of default apps that don’t give me an option to remove them… most of them are redundant. “Latitude, maps, navigation, places”. “Get apps, get games, market”. Really?

Camera. It comes with an 8MP camera (same as 4S?) both in the front and the back — yay for camwhoring (front camera is only 2MP though?). Can take both pictures and video. There’s flash, timer, option to pick capturing mode (scene recognition, smile detection), can pick between touch capture or the button, and geotagging.  It can recognize if you’re taking a picture of a document or a person. I was delighted to find that I can turn off the shutter sound. My w580 had shutter sound and there was no way to turn it off. Think it had to do with privacy issues. If you choose you can have the shutter sound on and pick which sound you would like. My old phones had frames to play with, which I’m kind of sad is gone ::nervous:: .

I’m not a fan of where they placed the capture button. It’s at the bottom near the control buttons. It’s a good place only if you’re taking pictures on landscape. If you hold it normally (portrait), it is a very awkward position. I think they should’ve placed it at the top instead of bottom. I feel like I always shake the phone while using it because I can’t press the button at the position when taking portrait pictures. I would have to use pinky to press it? That or just use touch capture.

Radio/Cords. I mentioned before that I hated the stupid, chunky cord/antenna. When I saw the radio app I was ecstatic, thinking that they finally got rid of it since I didn’t have a cord like that in the box. I pressed it and it said I need to connect the antenna to it LOL fml. With the Xperia Pro there were two things in the box, the charger/usb cord and the phone.

When I saw the charger I was happy that I don’t need to have yet another cable. The charger is usb charger so you can take off the usb cord from the charger and connect it to computer instead. Yet I was a little disappointed with the length of the cord. They shortened it by a lot! I like to sometimes play with the phone on my bed while it’s still charging ::nervous:: .

So I guess by receiving a more multifunctional item they took away the antenna.. LOL. That’s okay, I probably won’t use it much anyway.. just kind of lame that I’m paying for a more expensive phone and they can’t even include the antenna ::GAH:: .

Don’t remember if I was going to talk about anything else so I’ll just leave it off here. Add stuff if I remember anything else and proofread later >_> LOL. Been working on this post for too long so I’ll just publish.

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