Oven Hot Dogs

Oven Hot Dogs

8 hot dogs
8 hot dog buns
1 can of chili
1/2 an onion, diced
cheddar cheese
sweet relish


1. Line inside of hot dog buns with mayonnaise and sweet relish. Evenly add mustard. Fill with hot dogs and squish into a 13×9″ baking pan.
2. Top hot dogs with chili, cheese, and diced onion. Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350F for 45 minutes.


What’s a delicious, guilt-inducing food? Oven Hot Dogs… Oh yes haha! My brother’s on a, I guess you can say, part-time health kick so he tries to pick food that aren’t so bad for the body because he’s trying to workout and gain weight. This is the kind of food he tries to stay away, but he still can’t resist and indulges ::^^:: !

We didn’t feel like grating the cheese so we just cut it into tiny little cubes and sprinkled it on. Sprinkle.. HA.. okay more like load up on. As it says on the website of the recipe, the mayo does something special to the bread.. it makes it effing delicious. We also didn’t add relish because Alan doesn’t really like it.

When I eat this I feel like a pig… LOL ::sweat:: . For one it’s obviously not something you eat when you’re on a diet (well I’m not so I guess this point is kind of invalid for me LOL), but I also feel like it’s really messy to eat. Chili just like spurts out the other end no matter how delicately I try to eat. Although, I do a much better job than Alan LOL! I used Honey Dijon for the mustard… blends deliciously with the mayo. Annddd my mom bought “Steak” chili at the grocery store so it’s super chunky, filling chili.

If you’re not really a cook, but want to whip up something quickly I think you should try this. All you would have to cut is the onion if you buy the cheese already grated!

PS. Can’t believe I’m posting this on my birthday (legal in the States now ::>_o:: ) but I haven’t posted anything for a week hehe.

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    1. Yeah I’m pretty sure it should. I think it’s just that sometimes if you’re in a hurry or you don’t have any already prepared you’d use a can out of convenience ::^^:: Try it! It’s so delicious and super filling!!

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