Haul.. Haul Like You’ve Never Hauled Before!!

Soo what with birthdays and the holidays coming up real soon, I have been busy doing some hauls. Oh and because my grandma is migrating to China for the winter like the birds, I wanted to quickly order some stuff so she can bring it back to our relatives . I ordered some Christmas/birthday presents too so I won’t be showing those items because sometimes my friends check my blog and it’ll ruin the surprise LOL. Will post after they’ve been given.

I wanted to repurchase some body scrub from Spa Goddess, but they don’t seem to be selling the Mint Tonic one no more . So depressing, I loved it a lot and I even recommended it to my grandma to bring it back to China since it gets hot there and that scrub would make them feel so refreshed and cooled down after. Since they don’t seem to carry it anymore I decided to try out a different seller and see if their’s might also bring that cooling effect that I think may have come from the peppermint oil. This time around I tried out Dress Green. She was really nice and even gave me some samples with the purchase .

Haven’t gotten a chance to try the stuff out yet, but I’ll blog an entry about them after .

I’ve successfully converted my bestfriends into using Majolica Majorca mascara LOL. I just love mine so much  Want them to try it out too. EL uses Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On, I think, and I’m using the Lash Expander Frame Plus (Such long names sometimes for Asian products =_=). Now AC wants to try too.. oh and I persuaded my aunt haha!! So I was helping them order some – while getting myself another one – and got two hair products while at it since I read good reviews on them and my hair is sort of fried at the bottom.

Also got a gift from buying these .

I mentioned on here and on my Tumblr that I was doing a Korean skincare/cosmetics haul. I offer this to others that want to purchase these things too, so if you’re interested and enough people want a batch started I’ll open another one. Anyway, the stuff arrived!

I had fun sitting there unwrapping everything and being happy I got my products LOL!




And here are all mine bahahaha !

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