Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Blemish Base (Silver Label)

Thought I’d talk about my Dr. Jart+ BB cream today since I have a bunch of BB creams and foundations from Asian brands. As you can tell from the picture, mine looks different from the ones sold now because they’ve redesigned the look since then. I think formula should still be the same though. I also can’t provide swatches because I gave it away after. When I first started getting more interested in makeup, BB creams were one of the most intriguing items for me and I definitely wanted to get my hands on one. As someone who suffers from problem skin, the descriptions they provided seemed like a godsend.

When the craze first started the varieties to pick from wasn’t as big as it is now and almost every single one that was available seemed to offer: whitening, heal problem skin, etc. To me though, Dr. Jart+ seemed to stand out the most because they claimed to be the best for problem skin and I thought wow I can just wear like makeup to cover it and it’ll heal my skin while at it. The price of it was much steeper compared to others at the time too. I think it was around $30 or so for it including shipping.

Dr. Jart+ had two versions that were the most known – the silver label and the black label. If I’m correct, the silver label is aimed towards the people with oilier skin and/or problem skin so it’s supposed to have better oil control and be able to cover up blemishes/scars better. While the black is for drier skin and I think people mentioned there was a difference in colour too. The silver ones being the lighter of the two.

The texture is very creamy, but it felt sort of sticky for me too. Which proved to feel really gross afterwards. It never really absorbed into my skin and I could always feel the layer sitting on my face. If it was warmer weather it felt even worse – like your face is melting off. That makes it itchy and all you could do was try and not scratch it off @_@. The coverage was pretty good, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that the feeling of it on top of your face never really disappears. Every time I put it on I felt like I was cakey.

It had no oil control for me, if anything it made me look oilier than when I don’t have it on. The worst part of it all was that I’m pretty sure it broke me out because it was did not let my skin breath. For an item that claims to help heal problem skin, this really sucked in that department!

The colour was it was kind of weird. My friends tell me I’m pale, though I don’t really consider myself that pale. I think you’d have to be super light-skinned to match the shade though. It also has a grey tint to it so… makes the person look kind of sickly haha! I don’t think the BB cream actually whitens you – just makes you look white with it on like a ghost.. a grey-tinted ghost hahaha!

Rating: 1/5 — If you were thinking if trying this in hopes if it improving your blemished-skin, don’t. If you have sensitive/acne-prone skin, beware! Might break you out like it did me >< !

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