Honeymoon Period

Off topic from what I wanted to write an entry on today, but sometimes my coworkers are pretty awesome LOL! I work at a clothing store in the mall and our company doesn’t give us money to buy candy to give away during Halloween. If the employees wanted to hand out candy, we have to spend our own money. So JG decided to buy a couple boxes of chocolate/candy to give away tomorrow. She called us to the back one by one to grab some from a bucket that she poured the stuff into. I didn’t take any because I just saw chocolate in there and it isn’t really something I like to eat.

When we leave we always have to do bag checks. I opened my bag and saw a bunch of candy in there LOL. I was like, “…JG did you throw candy into my bag?? LOL!” She just laughed. So although I don’t really eat chocolate, the gesture made my day XD.

Onto the real topic I wanted to talk about today: The Honeymoon Period!

One of my coworker WC mentioned that she hasn’t been in regular contact with her boyfriend for a week and wonders if he just needed some space. That got me wondering two things. First one, if you noticed your boyfriend/girlfriend seems to be avoiding you would you confront them about it quickly? I was jokingly saying how maybe it’s time to turn, “crazy, stalker girlfriend mode” and go to his house and be like, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IGNORING MY TEXT/CALLS!?” Which got the answer from WC and my other coworker KT to comment that that’s exactly what they would be doing – well you know, not with those words, but generally the same thing.

That prompted my next line, “Well you didn’t text/call him every single day to ask where he is, right? hahaha” which quickly turned awkward when she answered, “That’s what we used to always do though.. until this week.” Awkwarddd LOL! Which comes to my next question, is maybe the honeymoon period over? And how long do they generally last? And do they really go for all couples?

Actually to the first question I asked (would you quickly confront your boyfriend/girlfriend) I said to my coworkers, “I think if I tried contacting him and he ignored me for a week without a real good reason, I would let him do thatk all he wants. When he decides to contact me he can wait till I feel like talking to him again then >_>.” Is that immature? Probably haha! I just feel like it’s unfair if the other person wants to do what he/she feels like but when they call for you you’re supposed to be at their beck and call.

Do all couples that first start dating go into the honeymoon phase? What is a honeymoon phase/period/stage exactly? I would say it’s when a couple is head over heels for each other and blinded by that. Everything seems good and they can’t get enough of each other. They want to talk to each other everyday, be with each other everyday, etc. Almost nothing can go wrong during this stage. When that moment wears off, couples either break up because they now have enough of each other or they work through it and make it last.

I wonder how long do the honeymoon periods usually last. Mostly because I, personally, can only stand so much of seeing the guy every single day and then being on the phone with him and texting him everyday. I don’t think I can stand being in that stage for longer than a week or two. Without exception though, it does come to an end eventually and it really depends on how the couples deal with it afterwards. If they’re not mature enough to put aside their differences I think that’s when the relationship falls apart. When their rose-coloured glasses falls off they realize their partner isn’t perfect and maybe they find that it’s time for them to have a life outside of their relationship again.

I also wonder how close friends take it when their friend is in that phase. I mean, yeah you’re happy for them when they first get together but when they start to stay in their own little world for too long, does it bother the close friend? Do you start rolling your eyes or stamping your feet that your friend is suddenly MIA?

Not trying to sound like a pessimist – more like a realist – but I feel like couples that keep expecting their relationship to forever stay in that honeymoon stage to be a little delusional. I do believe a couple can keep the love/sparks alive until the end, but that initial lovey-dovey stuff? No.. Love, to me, transforms itself to different stages. The more longer you stay with the person, the more you grow comfortable, and are able to live a normal life without letting yourself make your life revolve only around him/her. More like.. a life of harmony? Both sides start to compromise things instead of believing there was nothing wrong to begin with.

I do feel like the honeymoon stage is sort of childish – which isn’t a bad thing. Who doesn’t sometimes want to feel that giddy, butterfly in your stomach feeling, right? As long as people don’t believe that that’s what you’re supposed to be feeling 30 years down the road every single day of your life. Love should start to evolve into a sort blanket that wraps you with trust and makes you feel comfortable instead not lost when the phone calls and texts stop coming every day. Well those are just my views on it. Mainly because I find it unreasonable for a boyfriend or girlfriend to expect that!

Forcing him or her to see you everyday does put a strain on a relationship and also on friendships around you. Forcing him or her to call/text everyday, to me, also seems unreasonable but not as bad. It’s almost like the person forgets how to live as an independent person. Doesn’t the saying go you should learn to love yourself before you can learn to love others? I feel like it goes towards this too. If you can’t learn to be a couple days alone does it not seem a little weird? Not that the boyfriend/girlfriend shouldn’t miss their significant other, just that I think they should…. loosen the rein a little and not act like hell froze over if their significant other can’t get right back to them.

On a side note though, WC did say that her boyfriend did sort of text her back during the week but it wasn’t the usual “long, more meaningful” talks they usually have. Would she just be looking too much into it? And he did mention that he was busy with school. Do you think girls or even guys are too clingy or just jumping the gun too soon when they assume something’s wrong under those conditions? Because we’re all in our 20s and they’re both in their last year before finishing undergrad, isn’t it a good enough reason for him to be sort of MIA?

Okay, enough rambling. Just felt like posting that so I don’t know if any of that made any sense. I’m half asleep while typing this up huhuhu~

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