Early Birthday Present && New Phone

Last week I got a package in the mail from my best friend who’s currently studying abroad for a term in Singapore! I would’ve updated about it sooner, but I’ve been slacking off bahaha. I’ve been setting my posts to scheduled posts because I didn’t want to clump all of my entries together.

Didn’t take a picture of the sweater she also got me : P, placed it in my room before I realized I was going to take pictures of it.

My phone plan finally ended this October so I got to switch my phone. Sometimes I wish I just had the cash to throw down and buy the phone without signing onto a contract. Another 3 years~ haha =_=! I was looking at what smartphone to get and was interested in the Xperia Pro. All the smartphones nowadays are touchscreen and I just really dislike texting with those.

When I was still looking at what phone to get, the Xperia Pro just had the “coming soon” sign on the official Sony Ericsson website and there was no news of when it was coming out. I think because of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan the release was delayed. I was hoping that it would be released when my plan was over and it did!

Don’t mind the weird mark between O & P in the last picture o_O think it was the reflection of something since I don’t see anything actually on my phone.

I still have the wrap on it because I’m waiting for my Skinomi to come in. Don’t want my phone scratched up while that is coming in the mail :B Not being cheap Asian I swear! hahaha.

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