Random Facts About C

  • I’m a bit OCD when it comes to the order of things. I like doing things chronologically. I download music according to release date. If I watch something I don’t really want to move onto something new until I finish that series first. It’s kind of so it pushes me to finish something first before moving onto the next. Or else I’ll never finish it.
  • Proofreading before posting something isn’t really a task I enjoy LOL. After I spend an hour or so prepping an entry and finally typing it, I’m not really in the mood to proofread. For some reason, I enjoy reading it later from my blog after it’s been published and then going back and editing typos ><. Not a good thing to do, but whatever. Lots of my tweets look like I just came off the boat, but rest assure everybody, I was born and raised here in Canada.. LOL.

  • For the longest time I hated wearing things like skirts or shorts because I hated the way my legs look. I felt like they were disproportionate compared to the rest of my body overall haha ><. It wasn't till recently I decided, whatever, I'd rather my legs look meaty instead of super skinny legs like they can't hold my body or something. Which is why I have practically no shorts or skirts in my wardrobe now aside from a handful.
  • Guilty pleasure: watching trashy reality shows. They’re so dumb, but the people do such stupid things that it’s kind of nice to watch when you’re having a crap day or you just want to relax. The only one I avoid watching is teen mom or whatever it’s called. I’ve never watched it and I refuse to. I don’t want to support these dumb teen moms that use their babies for money. I don’t want them to earn money and let other teen moms think it’s okay to act the way they do. Hearing about them from friends make me sick. We’re practically rewarding them for not taking care of their kids right and not learning the responsibilities correctly. Not that I’m saying other trashy reality shows like Jersey Shore or Keeping Up With the Kardashians deserve the money/fame from their reality shows, but at least they’re only affecting their own life with their shows. They want to whore out their lives, whatever.

  • I kind of hate drinking water. I’d rather drink anything but water. Juice, tea, pop, coffee, etc. I tried using those powders to add flavor to my water bottles to encourage myself to drink more water, but it really doesn’t work for me LOL. I think it’s because they use splenda or something – which I dislike. The only way I can drink lots of water is if the water is constantly cold – ice coldddd. Then it’ll feel refreshing but that doesn’t really work in the wintertime in Canada LOL. Recently though, I feel like adding a slice of lemon into my water also helps!

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