Kanebo Lavshuca Jewel Lips N Lipstick (Shiny) — PK-3 Review

Lavshuca’s Jewelry Lipstick comes in two forms: shiny and color. I got the shiny one because I wasn’t really looking for a lipstick that’s too bright. I think that was a bad choice of mine because this lip stick was too sheer for me! The colour looked lovely in the swatch but because my lips aren’t really light, they just look.. well, shiny haha. It’s like I put on a slightly tinted lipgloss that has sparkles. If you have lighter lips, this will be a nice everyday lipstick colour.. I guess. The amount of glitter in the lipstick was too much for me to even wear as a way to just moisturize lips.

I can’t really judge on wearing time because it doesn’t look really nice on me so I never put it on when going out.

The packaging looks really cute, but coupled with the size, it looks almost like it belongs in a child’s dress up purse. When I received the lipstick, I was really shocked about the size!! In the picture you see a regular-sized Rvelon lipstick and Lavshuca’s. Doesn’t it look laughable ><? I don’t even really want to bring it out in case people think I’m using some toy lipstick haha!

On top of that the price for it seems rather lame for the size of this. I’d rather just buy a regular drugstore brand in Canada for a normal price o_O.

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