Mulan && Heaven’s Postman ;;

Before this entry, I actually talked about some other j-movies I watched but I had to switch it to a private entry because it was bringing in unwanted traffic from …racy search terms -_-. Mostly because they had some mature topics in them.. at least these ones don’t.. LOL.

Mulan (2009)

When I knew back then that there was going to be a ‘live-action’ movie of Mulan I was kind of excited. One of my favorite movies when I was child was Disney’s Mulan! I’m sure most people know the Mulan folklore about how a girl secretly joins the military in place of her father. She ends up being a high ranking general and brought a lot of glory to China.

I actually stopped watching the movie in the middle of it. Half because it was quite long and I couldn’t watch it in one sitting and half because it just couldn’t keep my attention long enough. It was… quite boring. I felt more emotion watching the Disney version LOL.

Vicki Zhao is so feminine I had a hard time believing nobody could see through that!! That’s usually a major problem in films where girls are supposed to be mistaken for a guy. Yoon Eun Hye played a pretty good female getting mistaken for a male in Coffee Prince. Maybe it’s because in older times both men and women left their hair long so that doesn’t help. Another is her voice! I don’t think she even tried to lower it! Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, but just her look and her higher voice.. even without the guy finding out about her boobs I’m pretty sure you can tell she’s a girl =_= LOL.

I really couldn’t get attached to any of the characters. It’s just the way the story is told. I just kept seeing flashes of things happening to show that time goes by as the war rages on… LOTS and LOTS of those flashes. The audience is almost forced to just fall for Mulan and Wentai’s love. I just couldn’t feel it. I don’t think it’s Vicki’s nor Kun Chen’s fault because they did a pretty good job with their characters.. think it’s the director’s fault.

The worst thing about this movie is its ending… LOL. Let’s just say… you won’t be smiling at the end like for the Disney one. A very different take.. but then again all Disney movies pretty much have a happy ending haha!

1/5. Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless you’re planning to make your friend suffer.

Heaven’s Postman (2009)

Jae-jun delivers letters to heaven from those who can't get over the loss of their loved ones. One day Ha-na, who writes to her late boyfriend, discovers Jae-jun's secret identity. He offers her a part-time job assisting him, and they set off on a 14-day journey.

I remember when I read about how Jaejoong was going to be starring in a movie. Already I was apprehensive because from the taste of his acting I got in Banjun Theatre (Korean variety show), it wasn’t so good haha! I wanted to give it a try anyway and plus the synopsis seems interesting. I’m always interested in these fantasy sort of stories.

Not sure if Jaejoong’s character was supposed to be a very serious one or what. He had one expression pretty much throughout the whole movie. I don’t remember him laughing at all. Don’t lovers usually enjoy each other’s presence and laugh and have fun? Moments where it seems the character should express themselves through tears, there weren’t any from him even when Hana was bawling her eyes out at him. Especially when he was in danger of losing Hana.

I was 3/4 of the way done when I decided to search up summaries of the movie because there was something I wasn’t really sure of about Jaejoon. That’s when I read people’s introduction to the movie and it made me wonder if some movies had a different intro?? Don’t want to give anything away so I’m just going to say that some people said he was talking to someone at the start, yet mine wasn’t like that. Mine started off with Hana narrating. Anyway, don’t do what I did because it kind of spoiled it for me a bit.

Jaejoon also revealed that he wasn’t allowed to reveal the truth about himself so I’m a little confused as to why he decided to break that rule. He revealed it right when he met her. If he had revealed it after he got to know her I thought it would make more sense. So was it because of the letter she wrote that he decided to use that as a way to soothe her? Or did he just fall for her right then and there and just wanted to let her know?? LOL. The only thing he really kept from her was the way he disappears.

I read about how some people cried watching this movie. I did feel a bit melancholy during the movie because it does deal with the death of people’s loved ones, but I didn’t really feel teary eyed until Hana lost him **don’t worry.. that doesn’t spoil the ending**. Anyway, okay movie to enjoy with friends or when you’re in the sappy mood.


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    1. LOL! I don’t know, maybe you’ll like it. I just know when I was watching it I was like : | “why you such a girl Mulan…” and “what’s going on.. why is the time going by so fast…”
      HEY! LOL No Leen, watch it yourself….or watch with Ash… HAHA.

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